Peter Davison

Peter Davison
Peter touches up David Tennant's wife.
Peter touches up David Tennant's wife.
Actor information
Main role Fifth Doctor
Other roles Omega
Born 13 April 1951
Status Alive, but on the run from SJWs

Peter "David Davis Davidson" Moffett-Tennant is David Tennant's Dad, and obviously a woman beater according to Tumblr. He is the archenemy of Peter Davidson.

He was cast by JNT and played the based Fifth Doctor and later made the based The Five(ish) Doctors.


He once chased down a man running towards a cul-de-sac for breaking into his car and stealing his camera. The man threatened to pull a knife on him and started poking at him while making the sound from Psycho each time, at which point Davison turned and sat on the man until the police came. This is completely true and I am not making this up.

It is speculated that the man was probably Steven Moffat trying to get his hands on The Five(ish) Doctors original hard-copy, either to erase it from existence or to get it for himself because he's just that much of a fan. This isn't true and I am completely making this up.

Had the man stolen Colin Baker's camera instead, he probably would've gotten away. But if he DIDN'T get away, god how horrible it would've been if Colin sat on him. There is such a fate worse than death, and that's it.

Basically, Davison is based as fuck.

SJW Hate

Peter has come out against the idea of a female Doctor with a fairly logical argument to back up his case- that, with NuWho's current dynamic of a strong companion and a fallible Doctor, a fallible female Doctor with a stronger male companion would look as a stereotype and, in fact, probably enrage SJWs even more. As a result of this, if you ever tell a tumblrfag you love Davison, you will be punched on the timedick.

It's hard being a Fivey fan. The article in question.


Father of Georgia Moffett.