I want more. And I know I shouldn't.
— Anakin Skywalker

Nice try.
Unfortunately change is no longer canon.
The one piece of content that does not require the show's approval, and is arguably more canon than the show itself.

Non-canon is a concept invented by Herr Führer to help us distinguish between fake made-up stories and real made-up stories. He taught us that audios, books, comics and movies are all canon unless the specific story contradicts the TV series. The TV series is the authority on canon, nothing is canon without its approval. Heil the TV series.

However the TV series might also not be canon. And then there was that reset thing at the end of Series 5. Was that a reboot? Why did Moffat do that? Does anyone really care about canon in a show about time travel anyway? Why are we even making this wiki? Don't we have lives? What is life anyway? What happens when we die? WHY AM I WASTING MY PRECIOUS TIME ON THIS PLANET WATCHING A BRITBONG SHOW MADE FOR KIDS?

Don't be fooled by people who think you can enjoy stories and ignore the concept of canon, they're all Zygons. Only Das Juden could be that stupid.

Know the difference

Most episodes, audios, books, comics, movies, monsters, companions and Doctors are non-canon. There are very few things which are considered to be canon, and by a fortunate coincidence they are the things that I like. Obviously everything you like is non-canon.

Criteria for Non-Canonicity

Any material that claims to be part of the Doctor Who universe can be disregarded from the canon if any one of the following criteria is met: