Mission to the Unknown

Dalek Cutaway
Mission to the Unknown.jpg
Season: 3
Episode: 2
Vital statistics
Air date 9 October 1965
Written by Guess.
Directed by Derek "The Keys To" Martinus
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Galaxy 4 The Myth Makers
See? Daleks! This must be Doctor Who!

Mission to the Unknown is the second story of Season 3 and the most perplexing in all of Doctor WhoTheFuckIsEverybodyHere. Also Verity Lambert's final story. What better send-off to give yourself than to utterly confuse your audience?


No Doctor, no companions, no TARDIS, even, just guest characters who — spoiler! — die at the end. A self-contained stand-alone episode tying into The Daleks' Masterplan four weeks later (hence, it has Daleks and some aliens from that story in it) and also a missing episode, although probably less worth watching than live video footage of confused viewers. "When's Doctor Who going to turn up?" "Eh, where's the TARDIS?" "What did we just watch?" Especially as the Radio Times listed William Hartnell in the credits' (as did the closing titles the televised episode). Way to fuck with your audience, BBC.

Ian REEEEEEvine decided to turn what's left of it into a cartoon that, if released officially, would certainly win the contender of the worst missing episode animation. Animated First Doctor doesn't even grace the project with his presence because his real life counterpart was never in the story to begin with, ergo it automatically sucks.