Mark Gatiss

Mark Gatiss
Mark Gatiss.gif
Personal info
AKA Mark Gaypiss

Dick Warmer

Born 17 October 1966

Sedgefield, County Durham, England

Spouse Steven Moffat
Offspring Joshua and Louis
On Doctor Who
Years Active 1992 - present
Style Bad
Worst Episode All of them
Best Episode An Adventure in Space and Time

Mark Gatiss is a writer for the long-running science-fantasy show Doctor Who, however he is most known for his openly gay relationship to his life partner Steven Moffat.


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Early Life

Gatiss spent his early years as a patient in a psychiatric hospital under the false belief that he was Doctor Who. It was here, many believe, that Gatiss hading had his "sonic screwdriver" stolen on several occasions.

Love Life

It was at the University of Glasgow that Gatiss met his life partner Steven Moffat. The two became roomates after accidently having sex in the library, and from there their love bloomed. Gatiss was the one who convinced Moffat to audition for the role of the 8th Doctor for the TV Movie. After humiliating himself, Moffat swore he would ruin Doctor Who and Gatiss became determined to help his love keep that promise.


Guys? Guys?

Gatiss has "written" a number of things, primarily by creating a pastiche from things previously (actually) created by other people. Sometimes this is acceptable enough for a throw-away episode for example, but such repeated plagiarism does wear thin after a while. Perhaps one day Gatiss will overcome the kleptomania and learn how to create like a real boy!

Name Characters Format Year Verdict
Nightshade Seven, Ace Book 1992 A warning about the dangers of excessive nostalgia for particular episodes of a mid-20th-century British sci-fi TV show, cleverly disguised as an adventure story. Not bad. But somehow, Gatiss missed his own point, and devoted the rest of his life to excessive nostalgia for particular episodes of a mid-20th-century British sci-fi TV show.
St Anthony's Fire Seven, Ace, Bernice Book 1994 Almost every chapter name parodies the name of a TV story (although Moffat had to write episodes that The Eleventh Colony and The Rings of Betrushia could retroactively be parodies). Do you need to know any more?
P.R.O.B.E. Liz Shaw Video Series 1994-1996 If you're the kind of person for whom "Ohmigod, Sylvester McCoy and Louise Jameson are on my TV again!" is the greatest thing that could ever happen, break out your old VCR. Liz Shaw has left UNIT for the totally different PROBE, where she investigate a series of mysteries. Every character is played by someone who was on Doctor Who in a different role Some of the episodes rip off X-Files instead of UNIT-era Who.
The Roundheads Two, Ben, Polly, Jamie Book 1997 Loosely based on a planned but canceled TV story. Ever wondered what it would be like if the Second Doctor did boring historicals with Ben and Polly? No? Well, this inspired better writers to start writing historicals again, and some of them were good.
Phantasmagoria Five, Turlough Audio 1999 When discussing Big Finish's amazing first year, people always say "Even Phantasmagoria isn't that bad." The best part is a long lecture on cricket by Fivel.
Last of the Gaderene Three, the UNIT family Book 2000 A perfectly decent pre-Master UNIT story, just like all the ones you already saw, but this time you get to imagine the Brig instead of seeing him.
Invaders from Mars Eight, Charley Audio 2002 The backstory to Buckaroo Banzai, minus all the interesting parts. But if you want to hear lots of random clips of a reconstruction of Orson Welles' War of the Worlds, rejoice!
Global Conspiracy? Clifford Jones, Stevens DVD Minisode 2003 Kind of comfy. This guy can write comedy. So why does he keep trying to write scifi instead?
The Unquiet Dead Nine, Rose TV 2005 Gassy ghost things use dead bodies to kill people. This one was actually really good, with quite a few literary comparisons with Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol. BRAVO GATISS.
The Idiot's Lantern Ten, Rose TV 2006 Shit.
Victory of the Daleks Eleven, Amy TV 2010 Ohhhh dearrrrr...
Night Terrors Eleven, Amy, Rory TV 2011 Shit.
Cold War Eleven, Clara TV 2013 Member the 80s? Member Ice Warriors? Member Doctor Who? Yeah, I member.
The Crimson Horror Eleven, Clara Porno 2013 Mark's fetishes are fully displayed here: a moaning Matt Smith with a blind lady fondling him, a red thing sucking on a wrinkly tit... Oh yeah, it's shit.
An Adventure in Space and Time William Hartnell, Sydney Newman, Verity Lambert TV 2013 Omg, an actually good love letter to the show. Even better than Moffat's previous love letter. Holy crap the laws of reality warped for this one.
Robot of Sherwood Twelve, Clara TV 2014 Meh, comparatively alright considering how shit the rest of Capaldi's era has been.
Sleep No More Twelve, Clara TV 2015 Shit.
Nightshade Seven, Ace Audio 2016 Audio adaptation of his 1992 novel. Probably still shit.
The Empress of Mars Twelve, asBill TV 2017 Surprisingly comfy palate cleanser after Monk bullshit.


GOAT book.

Gatiss is a double threat, his attempts at acting being almost as dangerous as his attempts at writing.

He's portrayed characters like Professor Lazarus in The Lazarus Experiment, Vincenzo the cult leader from Big Finish's The Stones of Venice, Sherlock's brother Mycroft in Sherlock, and a deranged Doctor Who fan who kidnaps Peter Davison to force him to work for BBV in real life.

All of his characters do that thing where they think they're being suave and charming but actually come across as creepy and fail to notice it because of autism, until they're pushed over the edge into mustache-twirling in the final act. They always think they're good, but are misguided, usually because the person they revere turns out to actually be the Master or an alien woman or Mycroft's evil sister or Steven Moffat. But he does play that part well.

He has played against type, briefly, as Danny Boy, the Spitfire pilot from the Doctor's Gang, after which Moffat decided that maybe the Doctor's Gang should be reduced to the Paternoster trio. Outside of Doctor Who, he also worked at a local shop for local people, before Shearsmith and Pemberton decided that maybe the League of Gentlemen should be reduced to the Psychoville duo.

He was also gonna play the SPLINK master in AAIS&T, however the BBC fortunately discarded this segment into the flame. It's not even a DVD extra.

Eventually played Captain Averlady Lethbridge-Stewart. At the end of the episode, Gatiss was shot on camera, and has not worked since.