Murray Gold

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A priest in the Jewish church of SPLINK, in the holocaust of 1963 Goldensteinburg was forced to write music for Russell The Davies Doctor Who reboot on FOX. He is known lovingly by /who/ as Marigold.

Here's some samples of his work for Doctor Who:

I am the overused leitmotif
The single most epic thing ever composed for use in a saturday evening light entertainment family program.

Between Series 5 and 8 he took a vacation and let the I am the Doctor-bot take over his job. Murray Gold always remembers to SPLINK so he doesn't end up like Danny Pink. Also, everyone knows that he should be replaced by Bear McCreary.

Marigold departed the show at the end of TWAT after cramming in every memorable motif he ever composed. He shortly returned to the show after his regeneration.