Lawrence Miles

Deep down you know Alien Bodies is the best thing you've ever written, and you know nothing you write is ever going to have the same impact again.
Steven Moffat, shortly before the series went on to ransack the book for plot points.

Lawrence Miles, also known as Mad Larry, Sad Larry, God Himself, and "that tremendous fucking bell-end who wanted me to watch Bagpuss" is was a writer of all dem spin-off books in the 90s, and most famous for being the most DEEP and pretentious out of the whole lot and as such is hailed as the BEST WRITER EVER to be involved in Doctor Who, despite 99% everything he ever wrote is basically Doctor Who fanfiction. This is due to how 1) anything's good compared to Gary Russell and 2) Miles is a legitimately autistic trenchcoat-sporting neckbeard who can't get the fuck over a tacky family show. Has in recent years acquired a reputation (mostly thanks to posts on his blog) for hating sci-fi fans, his fellow writers and and of course Stefan Mosfat

In short, he is /who/ made flesh.

Instances of plagiarism by later writers

Miles is known for having his work plagiarised by subsequent Doctor Who writers.

As the average early-2010s Gallifrey Base poster would tell you, approximately 75% of New Who, 60% of Classic, and a solid 46% of the Western canon was lifted from one Miles story or other.

This is a catalogue of all the things that rabid Moffat haters have claimed that writers have canonically stolen from Loz.

Original Miles work Idea Rip-off Plagiarist
Christmas on a Rational Planet The Time Lords created the Web of Time at the start of the universe. Neverland / Zagreus Alan Barnes & Gary Russell
The Eighth Doctor lives in a bottle universe. The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack Warwick Gray
Benny's potential child is shaped by exposure to the environment within the TARDIS, to become a potential next step between the human race and the Time Lords. River Song Steven Moffat
The ancient Time Lords fundamentally altered the very structure of the universe to make it more fit for their habitation. The Runaway Bride & Zagreus Russell T. Davies, Alan Barnes & Gary Russell
Individuals who can warp space time around them are called "Caillou". Caillou Teletoon and Treehouse TV
The Judgment of Solomon Bernice Summerfield short story. Big Finish's Bernice Summerfield anthologies Gary Russell
Alien Bodies In the Eighth Doctor's future, the Time Lords became embroiled in a potentially universe-destroying war across against a time-travelling enemy, and they're losing. The Last Great Time War Russell T. Davies
In the Eighth Doctor's future, Gallifrey is destroyed during a time war.
The Doctor longs to break out of his bottle. The Curious Tale of Spring-Heeled Jack Warwick Gray
The Doctor discovers hints that Sam Jones was shaped to be a perfect companion for him. Rose Tyler was designed to be the perfect companion. (planned but unmade serial) Paul Abbott
A ritualistic race that wear suits made of bones and power their spaceships with blood sacrifice The Sycorax Russell T Davies
"You and she were made for each other, she said so herself. Smith and Jones. It’s so obvious, it’s almost painful." Smith and Jones Russell T Davies
A faction of Time Lords decide to escape the War by removing themselves from the physical universe. The End of Time Russell T Davies
There exist living ideas that interact with other lifeforms by influencing their perceptions. They can inhabit buildings and statues and make us think they are moving by altering the way we think about our surroundings. The Time of Angels Steven Moffat
Underneath an ancient Earth monument is a relic coveted by every race in the universe. The Doctor is the only one who doesn't know that it's a container for himself. As he races to understand what it is, mighty battlefleets approach. Someone from the Doctor's future is hanging around, but we never get to learn exactly what they know because of spoilers. Meanwhile, everything we think we know about the feisty young companion (who has the hots for our hero) is turned on its head as we find out that she's been part of the set up. The Pandorica Opens Steven Moffat
The Doctor makes sure that his corpse is destroyed so its secrets won't be used by his enemies. The Impossible Astronaut Steven Moffat
An enemy warps TARDIS corridors to kill and/or drive the passengers to insanity. The Doctor's Wife Neil Gaiman
The Doctor discovers his own corpse and learns of his death in a great battle in the future, and his future remains become vitally important to the future of the universe. The Name of the Doctor Steven Moffat
In an exciting action-filled opening to the story, the Doctor parks the Tardis sideways so someone can fall into it. The Day of the Moon Steven Moffat
The Doctor discovers hints that his too-perfect companion was chosen or even shaped by an enemy to be a perfect companion for him and then directed to meet him. (And that companion also exists in a different form, which he meets separately.) Clara's S8 Missy arc Steven Moffat
Dead Romance The end of the world comes via an invading force in a maelstrom of curdled blood-red clouds. The Sound of Drums Russell T Davies
The Time Lords, desperate in the war against their overwhelmingly powerful enemy, invade planet Earth. The End of Time Russell T Davies
The War turns the Time Lords into horrible monsters. The End of Time & The Night of the Doctor Russell T Davies & Steven Moffat
Gallifrey escapes a losing war by disappearing into a hidden universe. The Day of the Doctor Steven Moffat
A hybrid stands in the ruins of Gallifrey. Hell Bent Steven Moffat
Interference The gas mask is a motif for childhood terror. The Empty Child / The Doctor Dances Steven Moffat
An older Sarah Jane returns, independently investigating a threat to Earth. She gets tangled up with the Doctor again, and she winds up discovering that she has a lot in common with his latest companion, a fit young blonde woman. School Reunion Toby Whithouse
A companion who loves the Doctor is separated from him after being trapped in a sort of alternate universe. Rose Russell T Davies
After the Doctor abandons him after only a few adventures, a companion seeks revenge. Adam Mitchell IDW Comics
The Doctor attends Sarah Jane's wedding. The Wedding of Sarah Jane Smith Gareth Roberts
A companion, separated for centuries, returns, recreated from someone else's memories of him. He then gets magically converted back into his real self, and doesn't remember that other life—except sometimes he gets flashes of it. Rory in The Big Bang Steven Moffat
The Eighth Doctor trades in his Victorian costume for a leather jacket. Dark Eyes Nick Briggs or someone idk
Artificial humans are created en masse in tanks. The Rebel Flesh & The Almost People Matthew Graham
A junkyard functions as a TARDIS. The Doctor's Wife Neil Gaiman
The TARDIS "made sure it went only where there were problems the Doctor could solve."
An enemy infects the Doctor's past in an attempt to rewrite his present. The Great Intelligence in Name of the Doctor Steven Moffat
A companion with a crush on the Doctor leaves him after realising that he will never be able to love her back in the way she wants Martha Jones Russell T Davies
Sarah Jane offers to rehabilitate the Doctor's fit young blonde female companion after she stops traveling with the Doctor. School Reunion Toby Whithouse
Regeneration allows changes in biological sex. Exile, the Corsair, Missy, and the Whittaker Doctor Nick Briggs, Neil Gaiman, and Steven Moffat
The Doctor abandons a companion for years, and they become very bitter, but the Doctor leaves with a younger version of them. The Girl Who Waited Tom McRae
The Eighth Doctor will regenerate into a monstrous warrior during the Time War. War Doctor Steven Moffat
The image of the disoriented Doctor trapped in a room and covering the floor and walls in arcane symbols. Deep Breath Steven Moffat
An old Time Lord friend of the Doctor's becomes a woman later in his life; it's not treated as a big deal by either. Missy Steven Moffat
One of the Doctor's companions is trapped in a system where time flows differently and spends years apart from him. World Enough and Time Steven Moffat
The Doctor accidentally changes the details of one of his past regenerations. Twice Upon a Time Steven Moffat
One of the Doctor's companions is reconstructed from memories by future human technology. The Testimony in Twice Upon a Time Steven Moffat
The Eighth Doctor encounters modified Ogrons during a time war. "Doctor Ogron" in Planet of the Ogrons Guy Adams
In some potential spoilers for Interference, Miles said, "The oldest question in the history of the TV series is answered." The first question, the oldest question in the universe, hidden in plain sight: Doctor Who? Steven Moffat
Character notes for Compassion Signals from the TARDIS overwrite Compassion's biodata Dalek: the "human factor" in Rose's DNA overwrites the Dalek Russell T Davies
On a human space ship being interfered with by Time Lords during a time war, the Eighth Doctor meets a companion named for a positive emotion. Bliss Nicholas Briggs
Toy Story TARDISes are seen to take human form and interact on a personal level with their owners. Zagreus & The Doctor's Wife[1] Alan Barnes, Gary Russell, & Neil Gaiman
The Doctor didn't pick his TARDIS; she picked him. The Doctor's Wife Neil Gaiman
Requiem (pitch) Plot-heavy elements like War-time Gallifrey and the bone ship Tardis. Maybe not really a joke. The Ancestor Cell Peter Anghelides and Stephen Cole
Valentine's Day (pitch) In the Doctor's absence, the Daleks grow into a force that can threaten the Time Lords. During the time Doctor Who is off-air, the Daleks threaten the Time Lords. Russell T Davies
DWM comic pitches All of Miles' pitches were rejected for being too close to already-planned stories. DWM comic stories Gary Russell I guess
The Adventuress of Henrietta Street The Doctor is important because he is the last of his kind. All of NuWho lol Russell T Davies
The universe is changed on a fundamental level now the Time Lords are gone. Father's Day Paul Cornell
The Doctor, while living among humans in historical Britain, writes a journal that reveals hints at his past and identity, manifested from his subconscious. Human Nature Paul Cornell and Russell T Davies
The Master also survived the end of the war. Utopia Russell T Davies
The TARDIS is referred to as "old, new, borrowed, and blue." The Big Bang Steven Moffat
The Doctor has to get married to save the structure of time. The Wedding of River Song Steven Moffat
A British ruler owns an anachronistic woolly mammoth.
The Doctor and co are shifted into another universe by the Doctor kissing his wife.
One of the Doctor's two hearts stops working. The Power of Three Chris Chibnall
Sabbath character notes[2] One of the Doctor's enemies takes his title and has an adventure with UNIT, who think he's just a new incarnation. UNIT: Dominion Nick Briggs and Jason Arnopp
Grass The King of England has a personal woolly mammoth. The Wedding of River Song Steven Moffat
Faction Paradox Protocols At the start of the second part of a two-part story, a main character explains the bootstrap paradox to the reader using the example of a piece of music. Before the Flood Toby Whithouse
The Book of the War A culture's potential is restricted via the manipulation of media with reality TV The Daleks in The Long Game and Bad Wolf Russell T Davies
There is a place on Gallifrey which is the exact center of history, where one can stare into the soul of history itself. The Untempered Schism from The Sound of Drums Russell T Davies
A "crack in time" is a side-effect of a Violent Unknown Event. The crack in series 5 Steven Moffat
The Time Lords' Wartime enemy is involved with Churchill during WWII. Victory of the Daleks Mark Gatiss
The Mal'akh have been secretly guiding human history from the start. The Silence in Day of the Moon Steven Moffat
The Doctor's companion is duplicated over and over again into a sort of army of one, with their mission being to help and serve Time Lords. Clara, the Impossible Girl :') Steven Moffat
Technosapiens share a mindset rather than an actual common origin. The Doctor Falls Steven Moffat
Among a list of titles that allude to important future events is Jodie's Law Jodie Whittaker Chris Chibnall
The book talks - err, writes - directly to the reader. The novelisation of The Day of the Doctor Steven Moffat
The book references entries that supposedly explain all the mysteries, but in reality do not exist.
This Town Will Never Let Us Go A teen pop star with a lower-class background takes control of her life, ascends above humanity, and transmits her signal throughout the world Rose Tyler, played by a former teen pop star, comes from a lower-class background, absorbs the Heart of the TARDIS, and transmits the signal "Bad Wolf" throughout time Russell T Davies
"A drug-addled mass of howling, bestial blubber, it sucks the children into its corpulent, contagious bulk and breaks their bodies down into something like its own flesh and blood." Children of Earth Russell T Davies
Every detail of a pop star's life is organised by her superiors as a ritual sacrifice Rabbit Heart: "We raise it up, this offering / This is a gift it comes with a price / Who is the lamb and who is the knife" Florence and the Machine
Chapter 6.23 is called "The Pilot" The Pilot Steven Moffat
Chapter 6.25 is called "Oxygen" Oxygen Jamie Matthieson Steven Moffat
His reviews of NuWho "I get the terrible feeling that by this time in 2006 the series will have made a mistake so great it'll put The Twin Dilemma in the shade." Fear Her Matthew Graham
"I also have a terrible feeling ... that The Last of the Time Lords will feature a shock ending in which David Tennant regenerates into Matt Lucas." Nardole Steven Moffat
True History of Faction Paradox Humans can become Time Lords. The Lights of Skaro, Intervention Earth Nick Briggs
The final incarnation of the Master turns good, but is betrayed and killed by a figure from their past. The Doctor Falls Steven Moffat
The Book of the World An infinite library that contains every book ever written. Silence in the Library / Forest of the Dead Steven Moffat
One day, Earth randomly disappears from the universe, drawing the attention of confused alien races. The Stolen Earth Russell T Davies
The Doctor removes a planet from the universe by freezing it in a work of art, then has to refind it. The Day of the Doctor Steven Moffat
A race of aliens called the Quiescence, who have long pointy hands and use religious terminology, are obsessed with taking over the Earth. The Impossible Astronaut Steven Moffat
The aforementioned aliens have hooded servants who never speak and are defined by their extreme mutilations. A Good Man Goes to War Steven Moffat

Even in the rare cases that an idea isn't plagiarised from Miles himself, it unfailingly comes from a Miles-derivative work (one that was edited by Miles or builds off his plans and ideas):

Original Miles-derivative work Idea Rip-off Plagiarist
Unnatural History A companion gets sucked through a crack in the fabric of reality and is erased from time. Cold Blood Steven Moffat
The Doctor's lifeline is a scar woven through space and time, and the villain — dressed as a Victorian undertaker — tries to use it to rewrite Doc's past. But the Doctor's companion (who he's met before in a different version) saves the day by jumping into it at the cost of her own existence. The Name of the Doctor Steven Moffat
"Well he’s a hybrid, you know that. A Gallifreyan not born of Gallifreyan, the one who unites the two races and brings good old human niceness into their alien society. ... He’s got a prophecy and everything." The entire S9 hybrid prophecy arc, culminating in Hell Bent with Me saying the Doctor is half-human. Steven Moffat
The Taking of Planet 5 The Time Lords make several clones of the Master during the War. The Time Lords resurrect the Master during War. Russell T Davies
A version of Gallifrey is covered in advanced weapons factories. The planet with an orange-red sky and located at the center of the universe, is home to Weapon Forges that were the nightmare of the seven galaxies. Steven Moffat in Twice Upon a Time
The Shadows of Avalon The TARDIS explodes. The Pandorica Opens Steven Moffat
The Ancestor Cell The Eighth Doctor destroys Gallifrey to end the time war. Everything the Doctor says about the Time War before Name of the Doctor. Russell T Davies
A companion waits 2,000 years to be reunited with the one they love. The Big Bang Steven Moffat
The Tardis is transformed into a gigantic celestial object standing above a planet. The Doctor boards it and uses it to fundamentally alter the universe. The Big Bang Steven Moffat
Of the City of the Saved... Some descendants of humanity devolved into non-sentient creatures, then re-evolved into sentience. Humanity spent millions of years as gases and downloads before returning to human form. Russell T Davies
After dying, all humans in the universe's history are resurrected side-by-side in a new world, the City of the Saved. The timeless world in The Wedding of River Song and the Nethersphere in Series 8 Steven Moffat
Future humans use advanced technology to invent a way for the dead of the past to live on. Testimony in Twice Upon A Time Steven Moffat
Warring States Stone statues that move only when you're not looking at them. Weeping Angles Steven Moffat

DID u Knwow?

  • He loves Love and Monsters and hates The Deadly Assassin
  • Was parodied in SPLINK both in the character of Larry and more correctly in that neckbeard watching the TV in the DVD shop and who was moaning over its plotholes.
Yeah gurl I browse /mlp/ all day erryday
  • He actually makes far better points than that Amerifat $JW and her circlejerk ever did, mostly on account of not being an $JW (he is a leftist but loathes political correctness so naturally is a SHITLORD).
  • Created Faction Paradox, a series featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry series all about a splinter of Time Lords who dress up all edgy and grimdark with blood rituals and voodoo costumes, and basically are anti-Time Lords who fuck up time for the lulz. In short, he basically made a concept designed to rape MUH CANON nazis up the arse, so naturally everything related to Faction Paradox is non-canon
  • Wrote "About Time" with Twat Ood, a 6-volume "analysis" of the whole series that apparently stands at 1.7 million words, which is more than the Torah, Bible and Koran combined, and definitely more than the show's fucking writers themselves ever wrote. Now that's what I call sperging out.
  • Loathes Neil Gaiman with a passions, because he manages to get laid, whereas Miles has admitted to only sucking dick.
  • He also hates Paul "Shagger" Cornell for that reason too, apparently
  • He also hates Moffat for this reason, and has used identical language to express his displeasure with all three.
  • Once had a physical fight with Moff in 2004-5, this was after insulting everyone who was signed up for the new series.
  • He asked Jay-Z if he was real or a hallucination. (This really happened.)
    The Impossible Penis
  • He still watches Teletubbies, Bagpuss, and was collecting My Little Pony dolls before bronyism was even a thing, and Moffat thinking this was "sad" is the real reason why he's developed a desire to rape and murder him.
  • He stepped down from editorship of the Faction Paradox line some time around 2013 to fulfil a fruitful career in starting blogs and then never posting on them, which can and should be taken as proof that Moffat has broken him.
  • When asked about going back to writing, he said he forgot who he sold the Faction Paradox license to and can't be bothered to check, so anyone reading this wiki page probably cares more about FP than Larry does right now.
  • Will die alone ;______;
  • Is still far superior and 100% correct about Moffat though.
  • He (allegedly) said in his secondary blog that Doctor Who taught him to try new things, that why he tried to "suck a big fat cock" at least once. This post was removed within hours and no archive was able to record it.

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