Last Christmas

Doctor, you wanted to find Gallfrey, but you didn't realise Gallifrey was inside you all along! *Winks*
Were you looking for tangerines? No, of course not. Nobody likes tangerines.
Last Christmas
*baneposting joke*
*baneposting joke*
Season: 9
Episode: Christmas Special
Vital statistics
Air date 25 December 2014
Written by Steven Moffat
Directed by Paul Wilmshurst
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Death in Heaven The Doctor's Meditation
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Last Christmas Except For All The Christmases After It is the 2014 Christmas Special of Doctor Why. It guest stars Nick Frost as Kwanzaabot.


Building the hype in a new issue of the Radio Times, Stoppit Moffat said, "It’s The Thing meets Miracle on 34th Street – the movie we’ve all been waiting for. It’s certainly the strangest bloody thing I’ve ever written.”

He added that you needn't fear as it's “actually a scary, tense and claustrophobic adventure,” plus “the very people who think they might hate this, won’t hate it at all. Of all the Christmas specials I’ve done, it’s the one most like the paradigm Doctor Who episode.”

Discussing the appearance of Snatt Claus, he added “It does look like the most insane moment when Santa turns up [during the credits of Death in Heaven], but we haven’t gone off our rockers. No, Santa is written in properly, in a science fiction way.”

The Radio Times reporter later had to be admitted to hospital because he literally couldn't stop rolling his eyes.


It was shit. Full of random references to shit, Santa did not much. Dreams in dreams brave Nolan bullshit. The ending was the ultimate bait and switch and gave us a full circle ending with old Clara which acts parallel to Time of the Doctor but lolno she was fine time for more adventures in 6 months. Remember how good /who/ is at grading new episodes though.

Honestly though I enjoyed it. Yeah, it was a bit Nolan-esque and old Clara was a bit stupid, but Nick Frost was GOAT and the confrontation between Clara and the Doctor (and P.E.) was great. Also headcrabs.

Incidentally you can get away with plagiarism, so long as one of your characters says it's kind of like the film the episode is ripping off.

Steven Moffat also ruined many children's christmas by revealing that Santa Claus isn't real.

It was GOAT. Best Christmas Special since last year's The Doctor, The Widow, and The Wardrobe.
~Lil' Stevie Moffat
Elf: He's giving me the feels.
Santa: Shut up. That's a, that's a verbal warning. Please, stop it.


It turns out Last Christmas really was Clara's last christmas ;_; LOL MOFFUCKED AGAIN

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