John Hurt

Baby John Hurt Me No More
Actor information
Main role War Doctor
Other roles None other in Who, but he was preggers with a Xenomorph
Born 22 January 1940
Status Dead (25 January 2017 - 3 days after his birthday, ouch)
Young War Doctor.jpg

Known for sexually abusing Billie Piper, John Hurt portrayed the War Doctor in the 50th Anniversary Special. Leaked pictures of his hairy, wrinkly, sagging ballsack were posted around the web with the hashtag #BabyDontHurtMeNoMore.

He's also a really based actor who appeared in Alien, and tortured Derek Jacobi by crossdressing and eating the featus of his inbred son in I, Claudius.

In all seriousness though, RIP John Hurt.