Into the Dalek

Into the Dalek
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Season: 8
Episode: 2
Vital statistics
Air date A few days after Deep Breath leaked.
Written by Phil Ford with Steven Moffat leeching onto his anus.
Directed by Wen Beatley
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Deep Breath Robot of Sherwood
"Am I a good man?"
— The Doctor, after saving 2 billion children.

Into the Dalek was the second episode of Series 8 and was written by Marcelo Camargo. Stars Pietro Capaldini as TwelveJenna Coleman as Clara and introduces Mario Cruz as Danny Splink


Something about Daleks and a big fight between The Capaldick and the property of the BBC or some shit, or possibly the Doctor and Clara leading a miniaturised team inside a Dalek.

Clara slaps The Doctor. Hot. 

Dalek Vore. Even Hotter. 

We meet Journey Blue and a Dalek called Rusty



This story originated as a pitch by Steven Moffat for a Doctor Who vidya before he decided to save the idea for an episode and handed it over to Phil Ford.

Danny is ending a class when one of his students asks if he has ever killed anyone. The rest of the students groan, and Danny implies that as a soldier, he may have killed enemy soldiers. The student persists by asking if he ever killed anyone who was not a soldier. Danny does not answer, but a lone tear appears in his eye as he dismisses class - TRIGGERED.


Directed to good effect by Ben Wheatgrass, the dialogue-free twenty-second long "Dalek eye" scene alone was amazing. The story borrowed some themes from the Ninth Doctor episode Dalek and ran with them like a motherfucker. Although Dalek is impossible hard to beat. Dalek is overrated. Into The Dalek is better.


"Nobody guards the dead. Mortuaries and larders, always the easiest to break out of."