I am the Doctor

Hello, I'm the Doctor. Basically, run.

"I am the Doctor" starts playing...

The full audio of "I am the Doctor".

I am the Doctor is a pulse-pumping Williams-esque (ehhh, maybe Zimmer-esque is more honest) anthem for the Eleventh Doctor written by Marigold. Basically the entire audio track of the franchise from the first few seconds of The Eleventh Hour until the end of The Time of the Doctor is one long loop of I am the Doctor.

Legend has it that Steven Moffat plays this theme at full blast during sex, all the while shouting "Timey Wimey" at the top of his voice.

Other Versions

I am the Doctor is too good to just be used once and discarded forever, silly! When you get a real cracker like that, you have to ride it into the fucking dirt. There will now follow some variations on the theme: