How Do I Get Into Doctor Who?

Start with the best, then watch the rest.
— Anonymous commenter on ISIS murder videos.
Be a big guy for /who/.
Tip of the iceberg.
Iceberg Part 2.
Based Fow.

Are you a complete pleb? Do you have absolutely no idea how to become a true Whovian? Did you watch the first few episodes of Nine and think "god what the fuck is this shite?" (Of course you didn't because Nine is awesome) Well, you are not alone! With this comprehensive guide, you should be able to into Doctor Who faster than McGann can whip up another audio play from the Based-ment.

Method 1: Don't

First and foremost, you should know the basics of the show: Who The Doctor is, what a TARDIS is, and why every companion is uber fucking important.

After that, you'll want to look up what most people consider to be the best episodes of each Doctor and start there. The list of comfy episodes does a good job of hitting all the good (and bad) that Doctor Who has to offer. There's also the GOAT guide and the Golden Age guide. Be sure to familiarise yourself with The Best Doctor too.


You can also ask /who/ what they think about certain episodes, though most often you'll get a negative response because /who/ hates the show, and they say that as fans.

Method 2: Find a favorite Doctor and watch everything in his run, then pick another favorite, etc.

Pretty damn self explanatory. If a certain Doctor piques your interest, it may be a good idea to see what that Doctor's TV tenure has to offer. If you're very devoted, you could also get into the Big Finish audio plays.


The only correct method. That includes the spin-offs. And movies. Then read all the books. But don't forget the comics. Then listen to all the audios. Now report back to /who/ for further instructions.