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"Good evening, I'm a lizard woman from the dawn of time and this is my wife."
She loves the pussy.
Uh. Yeah.

Homosexuality is when someone wishes only to bump uglies with someone of the same sex same identified gender. The Gay is considered controversial in some backwards places in the world, but is tightly and intrinsically linked to Doctor Who. There will now follow a list of ways in which this show is totally gay, bro.

No bisexuals, though, because as we all know, bisexuals don't exist. (Mike Yates is not bi, he just didn't realize Jo was a girl.)

Real 'mos attached to the program

Moffat/Gatiss OTP.

Fictional 'mos

Sexual tension on the set.

British Homosexuality

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Many Americans (and Australians, etc.) have a hard time telling when an English person is acting homosexual and when he's just acting English. But that's only because there is no actual visible difference between the two.

There is, however, an easy way to distinguish. Call him a homosexual. (Not a fag—he will think you're calling him a cigarette and get confused enough to vote Brexit.) If he replies, "Come if you think you're hard enough", then he's straight. Seriously, that's what straight guys in England say when they want to fight. And they don't get why it's funny, which makes it even funnier. (You will probably get punched for doing this, but what are you worried about? He's English.)

Of course straight guys in America say "You want a piece of me?" when they want to fight. (You will probably get shot for doing this, so maybe don't do it.) Which just proves that, wherever you go, straight guys are the gayest.

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