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t. Claudia Boleyn:

FOREMAN is a new Doctor Who fan production which should be hitting the internet soon!

Wow, guys...Looks GOAT, right? (Click for animated version!)
Foreman post.png

FOREMAN includes:
Seriously good representation (just you wait and see…)
British Indian companion from a Muslim family
Said companion is also a feminist
(As are the team behind FOREMAN so there will be no misogynistic jokes here!)
An original soundtrack (which you can hear in the video!)
Human, funny, relatable scripts. (If you like the RTD era and Classic Who you’ll LOVE this.)
Episodes in a variety of mediums.
Made by fans for the fans!
The Doctor as played by Jack Miles, who is a genderfluid genius.
Nirvi Chandratreya who is played by yours truly, bisexual and biracial!
Some cracking nerdy Whovian jokes.

People are forever telling us that if we don’t like the show as it is, why don’t we do something about it? So that’s what we’ve done! This is the ultimate act of both love and defiance! If we want representation in our favourite show, then it looks like we’re gonna have to do it ourselves!

FOREMAN is a platform for young writers, artists, directors, actors, and visionaries to show off their stuff and give Doctor Who a new spin. If you want to get in touch and even contribute then the links are below!

Please support this pioneering and brave fan production. Like, subscribe, spread the word! After all, this is for you! And for us!

/who/ and Foreman

The original actress dropped out, so have this qt instead

Needless to say, /who/ is endlessly hyped for Foreman. Whenever the subject is brought up, enthusiasm abounds - and why wouldn't it, when the series is set to offer such delights as the following:

  • Reams and reams and reams of lore, derived from a comprehensive wiki-ing of pretty much all the bullshit from the novels (except condensed down to fit, with many creative liberties in the process, and some original fanfic thrown in for good measure), all to be explicated on screen at some point
  • Elaborate and jargon-filled rules about the nature of time and travel within it, certain to ensure no smart aleck actually attempts to write a time travel-related script
  • A young, cocky Doctor, who does wacky and badass things like punching Axons in the face
  • A heartbreaking new origin for the Master (he committed a suicide-regeneration into a bad guy because the Doctor was too busy saving planets to be his boyfriend)
  • A subversive reimagination of the Brigadier; now a firm friend to all aliens who visit the UK (he's against discrimination of any kind, see - btw it's because he's openly gay and has two adopted daughters.)
  • In a first for Doctor Who, the Doctor and his companion will embark on a love affair
  • A premium class cast of young adults from Tumblr
  • Plans for a huge Expanded Universe full of audios and other stuff
    The second actress dropped out as well, btw. When you listen to the audio you'll have to pick one of Nirvi's 3 incarnations to visualise.
  • The list goes on...

As of July 5, 2018, /who/ has awarded Foreman the honorary title of "the new Devious" with the actual Devious having finally completed its 22-year stay in development hell. End of an era.

The pioneering and brave fan production, Foreman: The Audio, premiered a few days later on July 9. This adaptation based on the leaked scripts (see below) is currently the only published version of Foreman, but is easily good enough that the official version becomes essentially redundant, and bears the /who/ seal of quality.


The following is a press release from the makers of Foreman:

How hype are you guys for Foreman?
>people on Tumblr are saying its RTD level drama
>eviscerated gender norms
>trans like genders
>Jack Miles gives Claudia a "shock of her life"
>'Is the genderfluid genius she's trusted so long really genderfluid after all? Is he even biromantic?'
> "This might be where you can argue that the new approach is, for the first time, seen uncluttered by any of the old approach."
>terrible dilemma
>Miles said the ending scene in the tardis is his favorite scene in the Series
>Miles  said on his blog that Jack Miles (writer of episode) was going to stick around 'for a long time, I promise you' implying the script is GOAT
>4chan insult in episode

Official Response

Prepare yourself for The Next War in Albion.
UPDATE 09/09: That part about it airing during series 9? Claudia's breakdown has pushed it back by months. The first battle has already been won.

Word must have rapidly reached Moffat's ear when news first broke of Foreman, the greatest magical assault on the edifice of Moffat Who ever conceived. No kind of feedback from the BBC or any of its staff has been forthcoming. Speculation that the BBC might attempt to file a cease-and-desist has thus far gone unaffirmed. Speculation about other, seemingly coincidental events surrounding Foreman is baseless until further notice.


The Second Great Leak or, "Claudia" visits /who/?

Late on Monday, April 4 2016, /who/ was visited by an anon who asked if anyone was interested in seeing a load of Foreman scripts, referring to themselves thusly:

I'm a actress/singer and feminist who was supposed to be the star until Jack forced a seedy romance narrative so she could try and get in my pants.

The interloper invited anons to ThoraxTime for the leaking of 13 scripts plus the series bible (lol we already had that one thanks to our man on the inside, Gaggy). Identifying themselves as 'claudiab', they first completely failed to operate sendspace, then succeeded in .zipping all of the files and trying again. Claudiab imposed strict time limits on how long the files would remain up for, but was persuaded to reupload when an incredibly handsome stream moderator queued up one of Claudia's old songs.

When asked how they knew about ThoraxTime, claudiab replied that everyone knows about it. How this is the case is unclear.

Later, claudiab returned to the chat under the alias 'TavidDennant'. Everyone humoured them because kek but anyone with mod privileges can see other aliases guests have used. TavidDennant then apparently pretended to be Miles pretending to be an innocent anon looking for the scripts. No, I don't understand this either.

On July 1, an anon came forward claiming to be the leaker and did an AMA. They claimed to have been severely influenced by alcohol at the time.

I wish I'd done it in a more classy way --Anon

Foreman's Relevance

Foreman's supposed claim as a more progressive Doctor Who is now out of date considering we have a female Doctor, two companions who had lesbian good ends, a Mattress who indulges in selfcest, and Twelve attacking white men for merely suggesting that black people not intrude in their home. Even other fanfilm creators have been more progressive than Foreman, while Miles seems stuck in a time bubble. As a result, Foreman's stuck in a quandary. For if it ever comes out, it's going to look more conservative and old than the actual show.


On August 15, 2018, Miles was forced to admit that the project had "stumbled, stalled, and fizzled out" and "become something of an albatross around our neck - a financial drain and a logistical nightmare". As of that point, Foreman was officially declared "on-hold", probably in much the same sense that Steven Hall's next Big Finish audio is on-hold. Please look forward to the next project from BV Entertainment - a "maxi-series" featuring the Justice League.

The Leaked Scripts

All credits are as provided in the original leaked material and may not reflect up-to-date information.

Serial Titles Description
1.01 "Nirvi" by Jack Miles & Miles Meldrum (blatant pseudonym)
  • Part One - "Wake Up"
  • Part Two - "Ax"
  • Part Three - "One In Many"
  • Part Four - "Axos And I"
Nirvi encounters the Doctor investigating the presence of a mysterious new drug on campus; the search leads them straight into the claws/related appendages of Axos.
"Prelude to UNIT" by Jack Miles to be added
1.04 "U.N.I.T." by Jack Miles
  • Part One - "A Most Important Meeting"
  • Part Two - "Out of Air"
  • Part Three - "Like a Parasite"
  • Part Four - "Truth"
to be added

Meet the Chandratreyas, also snipers

? ?
  • Part One - "Thoughtform"
  • Part Two - "Dreamscape"
to be added

Timey-wimey shit

? "WHITE - Nirvi's Story" by ?
  • Part One
  • Part Two
to be added

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