Eric Saward

Eric Saward
Fuck tha police.
Fuck tha police.
Personal info
AKA None
Born 9 December 1944
Spouse Unknown
Offspring Unknown
On Doctor Who
Years Active 1982 - 1986
Style 15 year old edgelord
Worst Episode Attack of the Cybermen
Best Episode Revelation of the Daleks
Eric loved the Cyberfriends.
Eric Saward Script Editor.png

Eric Saward  wrote for Doctor Who and became script editor for most of the 80's.


Saward was obsessed with being as dark and edgy as possible and got the show cancelled by being so fucking xXxHARDCORExXx. "Edgy" here defined as "Look at these men with guns, aren't they just so cool? Imagine if one of them betrayed the other, that would be awesome. Oh, and the Doctor does fuck-all and can barely keep himself and his companions alive." This theme only worked in The Caves Of Androzani, notably written by an actually good writer who had actually lived an edgy, dark, serious life.

He was fond of the Cybermen and notably penned Earthshock where he fucking murdered Adric. Not bad.

IRL Drama

Saward was (apparently) always trying to get the classic writers back again but JNT didn't want any "old farts" writing for the show anymore, especially not old farts who ruined JNT's headcanon. Saward managed to get Terrance Dicks for The Five Doctors and later Robert Holmes for Androzani. Saward and Holmes became friendly and worked on The Trial of a Time Lord arc together. Holmes fell ill and died while writing his final Doctor Who story The Ultimate Foe leaving Saward to complete the final episode based on his outline.

The original ending was a massive cliffhanger and JNT wanted to change it. Saward felt it was disrespectful to Holmes (well the guy had just fucking died) so he quit the show and pulled the episode. JNT hired Pip and Jane Baker at the last minute who wrote an entirely different pile of steaming shit final episode in three days. It now had a happy ending plus it featured some bullshit about Peri getting married to Brian Blessed instead of dying horribly like she did in Mindwarp.

Anyway Eric then proceeded to slag off JNT in the press and admitted he thought Colin Baker was shit. He currently slags off JNT in DVD special features.


I quite liked his episodes. Fuck Eric Saward in his fat fucking ass.

Admittedly, the more involved JNT and Ian Levine were involved in his episodes (I'm shitting you not about Ian Levine, he was something of a story consultant), the more the episodes sucked, suggesting that some of the idiotic qualities of these episodes were not Eric Saward's fault.