Eleventh Doctor

Eleventh Doctor
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Played by Matt Smith
Years Active 2010 - 2013
First story The Eleventh Hour
Last story The Time of the Doctor
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It's a demanding role.
Now this is a story all about how my life got flipped - turned upside down.
Wanted on charges of bad acting, cocaine possession, and child molestation.
Aible albays grabebmer wheg da dogber bas me~
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When Amy's crack feels just right.
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tfw you try to sonic the sonic

The Eleventh Doctor, also known as Footface, The Crimson Chin, tumblr, the novel, the motion picture, the experience, and "The Poor Man's Second Doctor" is apparently a shit Doctor. I liked him. He was played by David Elevennant.


Eleven is, to date, the only Doctor to get dubs. He took over from Ten until he eventually died of excessive Moffucking and regenerated into Twelvey.


Eleven first appeared in The Eleventh Hour as an enthusiastic, energetic young Time Lord. At the end of his run in The Time of the Doctor he was a 2000-year-old senile cokehead. Doctor Who, not even once.

See also: The Doctor's Age, Fez.

The Talons of Wang Chiang

After taking Clara home after the events of The Name of the Doctor, The Doctor decided to take some pictures of his timedick and put it on his iCloud account. It leaked just a few days later.


GOAT episodes of the 11th Doctor

Memorable Quotes

"Geronimo!" ~Matt Smith killing Indians (sorry, Native Americans)

"Bow ties are cool." ~The phrase that saved the bow-tie depression of 2010.

"Is this how time normally passes? Really slowly, in the right order?" ~ Matt Smith, watching The Power of Three at the premiere.

"Look at my muscles."

"Good men don't need rules." ~Eleven cheating at chess against Seven.

"I'll be a story in your head, but that's ok- we're all stories in the end. Just make it a good one eh? Because, you know, it was the best: a daft old man who stole a magic box and ran away. Did I ever tell you I stole it? Well, I borrowed it. I was always going to take it back." ~Season 5 Eleven was way better than Season 7 Eleven.

"Out of Ten? Eleven." ~ Matt Smith, moments before chopping off the ten-inch.


This guy's reception was...all over the place.

A lot of it was disproportionately negative because The End of Time basically hyped people to hate the new Doctor. Apparently RTD didn't want to go so soon, even though David Tennant did, and thus RTD decided to basically sabotage the guy after him. Now we have Moffat trying to out-do RTD out of his own egotistical issues. Isn't it lovely? Furthermore, it doesn't help that by this time, the internet was a widespread thing, and often used to enforce opinions and continue echo-chambers rather than to spread new opinions. And it also really doesn't help that River Song was nothing more than a pathetic cliché. And finally, it really, really, really doesn't help that Series 5 mostly just involved Amy Pond being obnoxiously entitled and abysmally idiotic for an entire season. She was an annoying bitch! She makes Adric seem tolerable. I'd have given her the "Earthshock" treatment before it was over, but no, it happened to Rory. More than once. Probably because Amy is the "official" companion and you can't do that to the "official" companion. You can only do that to "supporting" companions.

However, almost none of the poor reception had anything to do with the new Doctor, and in truth, Matt Smith himself was no worse than any other Doctor, other than being a bit too simple in personality at first, and the fact that so many fans warmed so much to him epically shows how good he became over just one season. Because the Eleventh Doctor doesn't have the stereotypical "sexy" personality, he seems to appeal as much to men as to women, and for that matter, to children as much or more than adults (no, not in that way), whereas David Tennant appeals primarily to mature vaginas.

However, like the Doctor he is most heavily based upon, the Second Doctor, and like the Doctor immediately before him, the Tenth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor has one of the most rabid, annoying, and cringey fanbases of any of the Doctors ever recorded. However, this can be explained that like the Second Doctor, Fourth, Eighth, Ninth, and Twelfth Doctors, he is actually pretty damn GOAT at times, and always makes it in the top six of any /who/ poll, and GOAT things always have the most WOAT fans (examples include Godzilla and Steven Universe, which are both GOAT franchises but have "as-irritating-as-Amy-Pond" fans).

Why the Tenth Doctor has an ultra-annoying fanbase like the GOAT Doctors do is the real mystery.

Actually it's not. It's partly because of the internet culture at the time; back then, being a hipster and "Social Justice", or rather, unknowing Cultural Marxism, was much more fashionable than it is today, and the Whovians won over from that time reflect this, plus back then, all people used the internet for was to reinforce what they already wanted to hear, not get new opinions. Also, the Tenth Doctor is very popular with annoying fans because he was more GOAT, or at least at first, more GOAT in his debut Christmas special and following first season, than this wiki gives him credit for. In fact, the Tenth Doctor was the only consistently good thing about Series 2. Then his characterization went downhill from there. But how a Doctor begins tends to be more important to his popularity than how a Doctor ends. Think about how great William Hartnell, Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, and Christopher Eccleston became over time. Then think about how they started. All had a weak beginning, but ended at least as GOAT characters. Then realize that none of these Doctors are as popular as any of the others, even though the others had weakshit endings, except for Troughton because he was GOAT from start to finish, and McGann because he began and ended in a basement. In the eyes of most fans, it didn't matter how badly the Tenth ended. His epic and awesome start outweighed everything else he did. That's really all there is to it. Plus, even after Series 2, Tennant was not so bad throughout Series 3. At least he didn't do "A Man Who Never Would" or "I hate Gunz". That was all Series 4. A lot of us also just hate him because he became so overexpoed on Tumblr, which is also pretty much why we hate the Weeping Angels.


Anyway, TL;DR, the Eleventh Doctor initially was greeted with shaky apprehension, because new internet culture hates change and new opinions, but people stuck around with the new Doctor and came to like him because he could be a pretty damn cool and funny pimp, and he's become so well-liked that he's anywhere from #6 to #1 in almost any given poll, let that sink in. However, the fans still grew tired of Steven Moffat's atrocious writing, so in spite of the Eleventh's rapid rise of popularity, he couldn't fully bask in it for as long as he deserved because the Moff insisted on writing off more than he could chew, and Doctor Who fell from popularity to being something only enjoyed by angry basement dwellers who write semi-satirical piece-of-shit Doctor Who wikis meant to appeal to 4channers but never do because said wikis are too politically correct. BRAVO MOFFAT!!!!!

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