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Season 32
About Time
Began 23 April 2011
Ended 1 October 2011
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Series 6 (Season 32 if you're a Classicfag) was the second series in which Mattheus Smith played The Orthodontist. It ran way too long due to Steven Moffuck's masterplan of splitting up the series in two parts.

Frequently cited as the worst series of NuWho, mostly for it's retarded ass air dates.

Saving graces include the best Christmas Special in NuWho, The Doctor's Wife, and The God Complex.

Shitty parts include most other things, mostly the stupid ass season long plot that made no sense.

Series 6:

Episode Title Written by Description
A Christmas Carol Steven Moffat Pretty great Christmas episode. Doctor uses time travel really well and it's a good all around story. There was that shark flying around though. That wasn't very Christmasy.
The Impossible Astronaut/Day of the Moon Steven Moffat The Doctor is killed by an astronaut. Nixon is President. The Silence are creepy as fuck. Amy is pregnant. One of these things will be mildly important through the rest of the season.

Man, Canton was actually pretty badass for a one-off character. Good on him. Also, a little grill regenerates in New York. Why is she in New York? Hahaaaaaaa, fuck you.

The Curse of the Black Spot Stephen Thompson The prequel to Dinosaurs on a Spaceship, Pirates on a Spaceship.
The Doctor's Wife Neil Gaiman The TARDIS comes to life and shags the Doctor.  Big divider among fans. I love it, and since I'm the one writing this, it is officially a good episode.
The Rebel Flesh/The Almost People Matthew Graham Do you see how many episodes start with The in this series? I feel like that's bad writing.

Anyways, caught in a "solar tsunami", everyone ends up in this creepy place where they use flesh golems to do dangerous jobs. Only the flesh becomes a live and it's spooky. Also, they make a Doctor out of flesh, because we love having Matt Smith talk to himself. Badly paced though. The story ends with everyone being made of Flesh and the bad guy (girl, actually) turns into taffy - spooooky!

A Good Man Goes to War Steven Moffat In which the Doctor and Rory do a good deal of fucking up bitches. Seriously that bit with Rory and the Cybermen fleet is GOAT. Also, the secret origin of River Song, or something.
Let's Kill Hitler Steven Moffat The secret origin of River Song continues. Also we meet robots that are full of tiny people. Also the Doctor almost dies. Also, for a woman trained from birth to kill the Doctor, River is pretty bad at it.
Night Terrors Mark Gatiss I think I mostly blotted this one out of my memory. It was kind of like Fear Her, right?  Except just forgettable, not memorably bad?
The Girl Who Waited Tom MacRae In which Amy is a badass and we are reminded that the Doctor can, indeed, be cruel, but needs a big-ass magnifying glass to find it out.
The God Complex Toby Whithouse Top tier episode. Very psychological and shit. The limited set reminds me of Classic Who. This is the first time we say goodbye to Rory and Amy.
Closing Time Gareth Roberts The Doctor bums around for 200 odd years, plenty of room for books and comics and eventual radio adventures, before stopping by to see best companion Craig. Only this time Craig's episode isn't nearly as fantastic. It was still pretty comfy though.
The Wedding of River Song Steven Moffat In which River fucks up everything super bad for no reason because apparently the universe can be tricked by a robot full of tiny people. Also, DOC-TOR-WHO? DOC-TOR-WHO? DOC-TOR-WHOOOOOOOOOOO???

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