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The Eleventh Doctor organises the 50th reunion. War wasn't invited but turned up anyway.
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Doctor Who first landed on our television screens on November 23rd, 1963 so 2013 was the 50th Anniversary year. It was a pretty good year for the show and we got plenty of content including the return of McGains, an appearance by Tony Banker and the brilliant The Five(ish) Doctors. Gatiss's movie about the birth of the show was good too.

The Year of the Doctor

The 50th Anniversary of Doctor Who was celebrated in many different ways worldwide. Most notably in a number of documentaries and specials produced by the BBC. There were also many fan tributes and tumblr fangirls pretending to know about Classic Who. In addition, there have been a number of books and audios produced for the celebration, with based Briggs producing The Light at the End at Big Finish Productions.

Arguably the most exciting event though was the unexpected return of two complete Troughton-era stories that were previously missing from the archives; The Enemy of the World & The Web of Fear. Well, I say "complete" - Web of Fear Part 3 kinda got lost along the way, but ah well close enough.

It was an infinitely better celebratory year than the 30th Anniversary where we got Dementia in Time, and the 40th Anniversary where we got Scream of the Shalka, the news that Doctor Who would return in 2005 and Zagayeus.


/who/ was in full swing for the 50th year. Notable moments include:

Official and most notable 50th Anniversary Audio and Visual Content:

Episode Title Description
The Five(ish) Doctors The 50th Anniversary we asked for. A multidoctor story with Captain Jack. Peter Davison had to make this himself because Moffat is an idiot.
The Name of the Doctor A series finale that turned out to just be setting up for the 50th anniversary.
The Night of the Doctor The return of McGann, our lord and saviour, to visual media. Highlight of the 50th.

Hunters of the Burning Stone

This was the true 50th Anniversary. Everything else was dog shit. 11/Ian/Barbara/ZA. What more do you need?
Prisoners of Time That comic where Adam Mitchell teams up with The Mattress to kidnap all the companions for some reason. Frobisher's in it... No Big Finish companions are though...
#SaveTheDay Trailer A one minute trailer crammed with imagery from all 35 50 years of the program.
The Day of the Doctor A shit anniversary special but officially better than Dimensions in Time.
The Time of the Doctor A retarded story where the Moff tried to squish 3 years of planning into a Christmas special because Matt Smith left after how shitty the 50th was.
An Adventure in Space and Time This is the promise of our oncoming savior Mark Gaypiss. Oh god the feels ;_;
The Light at the End God this was good. Fuck everything else.
Destiny of the Doctor A series of 11 audios that nobody fucking cares about because they're performed by only two people each, neither of whom are the actors who played the Doctor.
50 years gone so fast. Gotta watch 'em all!

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