Dimensions in Time

"Hey you know what universe would make a great Doctor Who crossover?"
"Don't know JNT, Star Wars?, Star Trek?, Red Dwarf?"
"No. East fucking Enders bitch."

Dimensions in Time
Dimensions in Time.jpg
Season: Charity special
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 26-27 November 1993
Written by JNT & David Roden
Directed by Stuart McDonald
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Dementia in Time was a 1993 charity episode written for the 30th Anniversary by JNT & David Roden and produced for Children in Need by Jimmy Savile.

It was an ill-advised Eastenders crossover that got made after Lost in the Dark Dimension went to shit.

It is notable for being the only piece of Doctor Who media which is unequivocally canon.


It featured a total lack of plot, something that was praised as innovative at the time and one of the things Russell T. Davies said inspired him when it came to making the revival. Also, the ending feels rushed. On the other hand, it does feature the debut of the highly-canon Cyrian as The Rani's companion.

A wise man was once heard quoting "The Day of the Doctor was disappointing, but it was officially better than Dimensions in Time".

Facts about Dimensions in Time

Repeatedly quoted by Mark Gatiss as being what he sees in dreams.

Featured William Hartnell's last TV role as "man pickled in jar".

The Rani is revealed to hate children.

Confirmed canon by JNT... no, seriously.

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If, despite all the warnings, you are insane enough to want to watch this, please do so with DVD production notes. They are... most enlightening.