Is this death?
— The Fifth Doctor being murdered by Peri's chesticles.

You ever dance with Death in the pale moonlight?
Zombie 12 + Clara.
Capaldeath Black.jpg

You have died! The Church of the Papal Mainframe apologises for your death. You may have just clicked the wrong link. After all, death is /who/'s constant companion. It's also possible that someone just let /who/ die.

Ten is so, so sorry. Twelve insists nothing could have been done to prevent it, so stop moaning. Seven coyly suggests it was for the greater good, while Six promptly goes to wash his hands. Five wishes there could have been another way, but going back in the TARDIS to find one is a definite no-go. Eleven has his fingers in his ears and is singing some nursery rhymes. Nine is triggered. Eight flips out and blames the Daleks. Four makes an ironic attempt to appear brooding. Three goes off to meditate. Two massages his temples. One suddenly looks that little bit more like a scared, lonely old man in a cold white room.

A spooky, scary skeleton appears before you, wearing a robe so pitch black it's almost VNA-level dark. She(?) asks you to select the appropriate answer from a list...

Choose your own enlightenment

  • If it was just a symbolic death (e.g. moved to a parallel universe), thank Russell T Davies.


  • Everything has its time and everything dies (except River Song and Rory Williams).
  • Tumblrites hate Steven Moffat primarily because he keeps killing their husbando, Rory Williams, but Moffat keeps bringing him back to life to make them happy, and yet he kills Rory again in order to force drama without killing the "real companion", Amy. However, what Moffat doesn't realize is that it's not permanently killing Rory that would upset the fangirls, it's the mere act of killing him so damn often in tandemn with the fact that whenever Rory lives, he is saddled with a fate worse than death.
  • Death is moderated by a giant vagina running through the planet.
  • Ever since the Time War, the amount of main characters dying has drastically decreased.
  • Time Lords can cure death using extraction chambers.
    • WARNING: Efficacy of Extraction Chamber Treatment may vary from patient to patient.
  • Death is something that will happen soon to most of Big Finish’s cast.
  • A recent sufferer of death can be found here.