David Tennant

David Teninch
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Actor information
Main role Tenth Doctor
Other roles Security guard in Scream of the Shalka
Born 18 April 1971
Status Alive and spawning offspring.
Never forget.
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Typical David Tennant acting on Doctor Who
Hey, David, do you wanna come back for the 60th?

David 'Ten-Inch' McDonalds played a number of minor characters from the long-running BBC soap opera The Amazing Doctor Who and its spinoffs, including an unnamed caretaker in the animated Scream of the Shalka, the bad Nazi in the audio Colditz, Daft Jamie in the audio Medicinal Purposes, an unnamed Time Lord in the unbound audio Exile, Col. Brimmicombe-Woode-not-Lethbridge-Stewart in the UNIT audios, Galanar in the Dalek Empire audios, and the Tenth Doctor in one episode of TV's The Sarah Jane Adventures and in the video game Attack of the Graske.

He also stars in Broadchurch, Gracepoint (AKA Broadchurch: Miracle Day), Jessica Jones and the new Ducktales series. Much recasting for Teninch.


He's not a bad actor in other shows but he was kind of shit on Doctor Who with tons of overacting in the comedy and drama, which was partly RTD doing a terrible impression of Innes Lloyd's style, in spite of the fact that it seemed like by that point, all the other writers besides RTD wanted to be more like Philip Hinchcliffe. He managed to hit it out of the park a few times though like in Human Nature. Regardless, he is the most popular Doctor partly on value of being cute, partly on value of being charming, partly on value of being recent, and partly on value of, admittedly, sometimes being as good as any of others in terms of somehow being a likeable asshole and inducing understandable emotions. Most of his less charismatic traits are RTD's fault more than anything else. RTD is proof that fanboys should never be allowed to write shows.

So why do we of this wiki spit on him so much? There are many reasons, such as that he's treated as being above criticism when while he's a good Doctor, he's still flawed with his overacting, but the biggest reason is probably because he, along with the Second and Eleventh Doctors, has some of the most ridiculously rabid fans that any Doctor has to date, but unlike the Second and Eleventh Doctors, said rabid fans are numerous and not at all difficult to find. If anything, they'll go out of their way to find you. This is part of the reason why many fans of the show find it hard to like him: Because their fellow fans ruin the experience for them. The moral of this story is, if you want to like this Doctor, stay the fuck away from Tumblr!

It's actually been rumored he may return, but not as the Doctor, but rather as a villain. Let's hope so, because if you've seen New Earth and The Waters of Mars, or Jessica Drew for that matter, you would know that the Master or the Valeyard played by David Tennant would be a lot better than it has any right to be.