The Fifth Doctor feeling comfy as fuck.
Time for Night Who.
Sweet dreams.
Night night.
Time for comfy.
BBC stealing our memes.

Comfy is used to describe an episode or era of Doctor Who in which the general tone of the material exudes a feeling of inner peace and happiness, reminding one of childhood cuddled up on the couch in a warm blanket watching Saturday morning cartoons, preferably with hot cocoa while it's lightly snowing outside.

Comfy factors

Material can be considered comfy if:

  • The material is GOAT for cuddling with a significant other.
  • The material persuades the person nearest you that you're very interested in to cuddle up with you.
  • The material is well written and produced to a point that it draws you in and doesn't let go.
  • The material is poorly written or produced and has a B-movie nature to it, making one laugh or feel at peace by the sheer silliness in the material's creation - this is particularly true if the actors seem to be genuinely trying to make the material good.
  • /who/ says so.

List of all episodes deemed comfy by /who/

First Doctor

Second Doctor

Third Doctor

Fourth Doctor

Fifth Doctor

Sixth Doctor

Seventh Doctor

Eighth Doctor

Ninth Doctor

Tenth Doctor

Eleventh Doctor

Twelfth Doctor

Bonus Round

*Denotes a story generally deemed qualitatively bad by /who/, but still comfy in that campy B movie way mentioned earlier.