Classic Who

Classic Who, amirite?

Classic Who (aka. Cancelled Who) refers to the original 1963 - 1989 run of the awful, terrible, shitful show known as Doctor Who.

It was created by Adolf Hitler, Verity Lambert and Sydney Newman and first aired on November 23rd 1963. It ran until it was cancelled in 1989 for outstaying its welcome by 26 years.


Classic Who ran for 26 seasons (with only one pie-related hiatus) and made it all the way to the Seventh Doctor before cancellation, giving way to The Wilderness Years.


Classic Who, like NuWho, is divided under the reign of multiple showruiners who all ruined the show in their own special ways:

Showruiner Year tenure First story Last story Shit they did wrong
Verity Lambert 1963-1965 An Unearthly Child Mission to the Unknown Hiring a racist dementia-riddled bastard as the Doctor.
John Wiles 1965-1966 The Myth Makers The Ark Having the most forgettable tenure of the show. Seriously, anyone remember the episodes he did? Well alright fine, Master Plan was awesome but seriously, who considers The Myth Makers an all-time classic? Anyone?

Also, introducing Dodo.

Innes Lloyd 1966-1968 The Celestial Toymaker The Enemy of the World Not having the balls to do Tomb of the Cybermen and leaving it to his successor.
Peter Bryant 1967-1969 The Tomb of the Cybermen The Space Pirates The Space Pirates.
Derrick Sherwin 1969-1970 The War Games Spearhead from Space Leaving after two stories... Seriously, he was on a fucking roll, why did he leave?
Barry Letts 1970-1975 Doctor Who and the Silurians Robot Writing out Liz Shaw because she was way too much of a strong independent woman and the show needed screaming damsels who flash their pussies at the camera.
Phillip Hinchcliffe 1975-1977 The Ark in Space The Talons of the Massive Wang Getting fired for being 2spooky5u.
Graham Williams 1977-1980 Horror of Fuck Cock The Horns of Nimon


Not filming a regeneration for Romana.
John Nathan Turner 1980-1989/93 The Leisure Hive Every furry's fantasy

/Let's forget this ever happened

There's literally a whole page dedicated to this.


Some Americans were involved in a 1996 attempt to revive the programme featuring a brand new Doctor but it died in the arse and The Wilderness Years continued until the invention of NuWho in 2005.

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