Some bad news guys

Some bad news guys. Capaldo passed away. He and I actually know each other and well, I just thought I would pass the news on. So yeah. Sorry if I brought any of you down. If anyone has any kind words, I'll gladly write them down and pass them onto his imam.

He passed in his sleep, so there was no pain... god this sucks.

In a historic first, the bait was actually taken. This is an ode to the dangers of not being up to speed on your years-old pasta.

Captain falls for it.pngCaptainout.png

The Return?


One normal day streaming, when no one was on, capaldo seemed to log back in and leave an ominous message. No idea if it was actually him, or if someone somehow got the username too and was fooling around, but it has thoroughly confused us.

Capaldo appears to officially be alive again, occasionally turning up for whole stream sessions. The real question is not what happened to him, but "did he ever skype CaptainEFRoberts?".