Anakin, my allegiance is to the TV show, to canon!
— Obi-Wan Kenobi

Artist's depiction of Big Finish audio dramas.
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Sylv defending the VNAs
War on canon.
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Criteria for canonicity

Everything is canon. Especially the things that contradict other things.

If in doubt, a time traveler did it.


An episode is only canon if a later episode references it. If an episode is never referenced again, there is no proof that it is canon.

Two way canoning

The two-way canoning clause states that if a new episode references a past episode, the new episode is canon by default. If it does not reference a previous episode, it is not canon until a future episode references it.

Canonocity is determined on a serial by serial basis. The second part of a two parter referencing the first part therefore does not make them canon

Canon bubbles

A derivative of two-way canoning - every set of episodes that reference each other exist in its own separate "Canon Bubble" - a network of stories that are internally canon to each other. Stories are linked to each other via a chain caused by references. An entire, self-enclosed cluster of episodes linked together via references is what's referred to as a Canon Bubble.

Multiple isolated canon bubbles exist simultaneously - so one serial that is canon to another specific serial may not be canon to a different specific serial, if they exist in separate bubbles. If one serial makes references to stories from multiple different canon bubbles, these bubbles collide to form a larger bubble. In this event, all stories inside each of the different colliding bubbles are thereon considered canon to all other stories inside the new larger bubble.

The Canon

It is important to distinguish between fans who say "Canon says Looms are real" and fans who say "The Canon says Looms are real".

The first is an argument about whether Lungbarrow is canonical. The second is a statement about what a character in a story said.

The Canon is, of course, a Time Lord. Like The Doctor, The Rani, The Master, The Monk, and The The, he was a member of the Deca in the Academy. But he curbed his rebellious ways and got a job in Records, and worked his way up to the point where he now decides which memories get entered into the Matrix.

So, if The Canon says Looms are real, that's something a character in-universe is saying. We don't know whether he's saying that because he input the memories from some Lungbarrow character into the Matrix, or because he needs an excuse for why he hasn't gotten laid in 1850 years. But, either way, he said it, it's not something you can dispute.

Unless he said it in a non-canon story, of course. He also lives in the Towers of Canonicity and Likelihood.