Then again, the BBC have a long and distinguished career of being idiots - especially when it comes to Doctor Who.

Reminder the BBC have a cloning machine.
The production offices of Doctor Who.
Louis "Caucasian Killer" Cuck King recommends the BBC.
What did he mean by this?

Literally Satan, the British Broadcasting Corporation (also affectionately known as ISIS) is the worst company to ever exist on planet Earth. Recently renamed Big Black Cocks in honor of NuWho and its companions (see: coalburner).


Famous for losing hundreds of early episodes, allowing the Fourth Doctor's sweet medieval themed TARDIS set to be ruined by water damage, cancelling Doctor Who when it was getting good again and employing Michael Grade.

Also known for frequently skimping on Doctor Who's budget, leading to bad special effects and endless gravel quarries. The thing is, British TV productions are paid for with a coin-operated meter. There's a huge impetus do get everything done as quickly as possible, or else they have to scrounge among the cast and crew to find more pound coins. If you can't keep to your shooting schedule, nobody can do laundry that week.

That plus Jimmy Savile.

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