Bill Potts

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"I serve chips."
"I serve chips."
Vital statistics
Played by Pearl Mackie
Years active 2017
Travelled with Twelfth Doctor
First story Friend from the Future/The Pilot
Last story Twice Upon A Time
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Nardole Graham
She's gay. You should know it.
Introducing asBill.
I wanna look down and suck away
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asBill Potts Poots CyberMop (played by Pearl Mackie) is the new companion for Series 10, marking the end beginning end continuation of the qt companion era.


Although named Bill she is in fact played by a female, possibly. The name "Bill" is an homage to William Hartnell, who would doubtlessly find it an honour to have his name appropriated by a black lesbian. Her wet waifu Heather is even named after Hartnell's wife! It's like pottery.

She is the Doctor's first openly gay companion... Y'know, aside from that one, and possibly that one too. Oh yeah, and don't forget that other one - not that any of these people are canon. Some people like to count this guy, that guy, and Ace too even if they aren't quite fully homo, but whatever REEEEEEEEE BI ERASURE!

She is definitely from the 1980s Mondas the current year.

She's soooooooooo hot.

asBill a Cyberman puddle now. It's all over.

Last but not least, she serves chips.


Bill was introduced in some sloppily thrown together shit, where we are told that she comes from, and thus needs to get back to, the future. Of course, this is the far off year of 2017.


She seems pretty good to me, although there were some minor autism tornadoes about her entire first episode being dripping wet (lol) with the gay lesbian agenda.

Anyway she's definitely better than she appeared in promo pics and trailers (as is usually the case) and at least appears to have a character beyond the serving of her beloved chips.

I could do without the WOW! on her jacket though.