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Big Finish (not to be confused with Big Fish, the Academy Award winning film of the same name) is easily the most canon part of Doctor Who. Every single ear story is top level canon. Tom Baker himself has confirmed all audios to be for children.

It's important to understand how to get into Big Finish and to know Everything Big Finish did (and are still doing) Right.


Nicholas Briggs and his team have made hundreds of Doctor Who stories from the comfort of their own mothers basements, all of very high quality. Canonicity has only been questioned by plebs. Steven Moffat reinforced much of Big Finish canon with a single line in The Night of the Doctor (not that it was ever really in question or anything).

Briggs has been ruining Big Finish since 2006, prior to that it was ruined by Gary Russell.

See The Nice and Accurate History of Big Finish for more.


Briggs Finish weren't allowed to make stories using NuWho characters or Doctors, until Nicholas Briggs threatened to release shocking scandalous secrets about Steven Moffat's love life. Moffat relented and we got several stories of average quality featuring NuWho Doctors. They are not allowed to make animated shows or live action shows. They are not allowed to advertise their content. Basically, the worst company in the world has made them their bitch.

Also, they love suing their customers.

Big Finished

There are times when Big Finish has been in grave danger, most notable of which was the time that Rusty saved it. Some cunt BBC executive found out about Briggs Finish and wanted to end it. Rusty said he'd take care of it, but never did and neglected to mention it. Rusty managed to save the most canon part of Doctor Who (realizing it was superior to his own in every aspect).

Timeline of Briggs Finish Productions

  • Founded sometime in the late 1990s
  • BBC Exec tried to rape Briggs
  • Rusty raped Briggs instead
  • Christopher Ecclesiastes got BBC to let Big Finish make NuWho audios

Regular cast

Because most of these actors can't get a job anywhere else due to their reputation of being on the worst TV show of all time, they've willingly joined Big Finish to rake in extra cash, as well as to expand their characters which were brutally restricted into one-dimensional caricatures by JNT.

Also, Daphne Ashbrook and Yee Jee Tso get involved sometimes but can't play their original characters because Americans are arses. Peter Capaldick ain't allowed to play the 12th Doktah on Big Finish because he's the current one... not sure why that means anything, but okay...

William Hartnell, Patrick Troughton, Jon Pertwee, Jaqueline Hill and Michael Craze couldn't get involved because they were deadedud before Big Finish was a thing. Anthony Ainley would've gotten involved but they couldn't afford him and he then died. Matt Smith is dead so there's no coming back for him, and let's be honest here, Chris would rather have his taint pierced by a horny drag queen and given syphilis than play any role that has the words "Doctor" and "Who" associated with it. Also, Jackie Lane hasn't returned as Dodo because she can't act for shit.

List of Doctor Who Big Finish Ranges

Get Hype, nigga! Still not Canon, though.
Did you forget about captain grumpy pants?

There are far too many stories to list here, so take each link to get to the range that you desire.

Actually, as of 2017, there are even too many ranges to list here. The War Doctor? They've got him. Bernice Summerfield? Yeah, the latest spinoff of her spinoff that adds the Doctor back in. Bernice Summerfield 2.0? They have her too. Like the novels or the stage plays better than the audios? They've got lines adapting them. Just go to ranges—or, better, pull down the "Choose a range" menu at the top and all the DW ones are listed first.

List of Doctor Who Spin-off Big Finish Ranges

Again, way too many to list them all. Pull down that Ranges menu again. After the DW stuff, and all the other series like Blake's 7 and Avengers and whatnot, there's a bunch of standalone ranges. Many of them are DW spinoffs, many are not. Sometimes you can guess from the title, like UNIT, sometimes you can't even guess after you buy them and listen to them, like Graceless, and in the case of Vienna you can't even guess after the TARDIS Data Core admins write a desperate email to Big Finish saying "Please tell us whether Vienna is a Who spinoff or not" and they get a reply making fun of them for asking for a canon answer.

Future of Big Finish

Big Finish has no future because most of their cast will die soon.

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