Bennybunn Cucumberpatch

>This is a 10/10 in bongland
isn't that that one actor
Blunderbuss Dumbledore gets married.
What a polite fellow.
The origins of Charlie the Badger.
Benesteve Cumberstrange always drezzzzes for the occasion
Matt can't help himself.
Now you too can use Brokenlimb Caughtintree as a marital aid.

Bendydick Crumblesnatch is a famous fish-faced British actor, known for his role as the gay Shercock Holmos in Sherlock.


  • Frumious Bandersnatch is known additionally for his role as White Khan in Star Trek Into Abrams.
  • Benadryl Cottagethatch also appeared as Alan Turing in the film The Imitation Game.
  • You may remember Bangladesh Lumberjack as the Dragon in China: The Desolation of Smeg.
  • Beanbag Slumberbitch is also rumoured to have been cast as the 14th Doctor.
  • Randletwink Wondercrack has also been suggested to play the Master.
  • It's been recently confirmed that Thimbledick Humperdink has been cast as Doctor Strange for the upcoming Marvel movie.
  • Broderbund Konamicode has stated officially that he doesn't see much point in appearing on Doctor Who, the cunt.
  • It has been said that dirty dirty girls like Snickersnack Bumblysnatch because he has a posh name and he's on the television.