Before the Flood

Before the Flood
"You are one ugly motherfucker."
"You are one ugly motherfucker."
Season: 9
Episode: 4
Vital statistics
Air date 10 October 2015
Written by Toby Whithouse
Directed by David O'Hara
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Under the Lake The Girl Who Died
Doctor and The Whos first single, music and lyrics by Delia Derbyshire and some guy.
"Oooh, it's me!"
Alternate joke:
"Get ready for a surprise!"
"I'll be back."
"Remember when I promised to kill you last?"
"That's right, you did!"
"I lied."
"Let off some steam, Bennet."
"You've got a lot of nerve, showing your face around here."
"Look who's talking."
"Is it dead?"

Before the Flood is the fourth episode of series 9, and the conclusion of the two parter begun with Under the Lake. It stars many people who aren't in Slipknot, and one person who is.

The Fisher King, more like the Fisher Pleb amirite lads.


>people on GB are saying its Old Testament level dark
>eviscerated nephilim
>two of every creature
>God gives Noah a "shock of his life"
>'Is the god he's trusted so long really a hero after all? Is he even a friend?'
> "This might be where you can argue that the new approach is, for the first time, seen uncluttered by any of the old approach."
>terrible dilemma
>Moffat said the opening scene in the tardis is his favorite scene in the Series
>Moffat said in DWM that Whithouse (writer of episode) was going to stick around 'for a long time, I promise you' implying the script is GOAT
>paganism insult in episode


The episode opens with the Doctor telling us he was actually Beethoven, but that the episode isn't canon so it's probably not true. He also tells us to google "bootstrap paradox", which redirects to "Blink". This isn't our first rodeo, Whithouse, we've played this game a few times. Hell, the whole Eleventh Doctor Era was a massive bootstrap paradox. It's a little late to play catch up.

The Doctor then asks us who composed the works of Beethoven, and then gives us the answer: Ron Grainer and Delia Derbyshire. Peter Capaldi plays a live metal cover of the theme song over the credits, and it's fukken epic bro, 12/10.

When last we left the Doctor, he was dead. Now, he's in the past, looking for the space ship. They've landed in a Russian dummy town in the middle of a Scottish military base, so I guess we can take down that Russian page now. It's the 1980s, the days before Harold Saxon, before the Moon was Kill, and before the Minister of Chance became canon. Unfortunately, it's also the decade in which Doctor Who died, so it would make sense he's a ghost in the future.

They find the space ship, piloted by a ratfaced little coward of an undertaker, and he offers to be the Doctor's bondage slave. Everybody wants a taste of the Capaldick.

Back in the future, the Skelly Doctor is mouthing the names of everyone in the episode in the order they've died so far, plus a couple. Importantly, they're being named in the order we saw them die, not the order they actually died in. Remember this, it'll make more sense later. What won't is the fact that the Skelly Doctor can somehow affect the controls and let the other ghosts out.

There's some running around, trying to pretend the episode has stakes. The Fisher King wakes up (I thought he was dead?) and kills the undertaker. He marches around in the shadows and darkness, hiding how shitty the design is, and kills O'Donnell for the terrible crime of refusing to stay in the Tardis like a good little girl when the Doctor told her to. Of course, it was all for the good of the plot: Bennet, the completely uninteresting guy, gets to angst about her death and give the same fucking speech to the Doctor that people always give him in Whithouse episodes. The Doctor's trying to rewrite history, but you know how that shit goes.

As a further attempt to rewrite history convince Bennet he couldn't save her fill out a few minutes, the Doctor travels back in time to the start of the episode and watches all the terrible acting and piss-poor plotting again from behind some barrels. Eventually, he realizes that he has to go face the Fisher King alone, I guess, while Bennet maybe goes and plants the explosive charge? I don't know, it's not very clear how they got by the dam.

The Doctor and the Fisher King face off. The King knows the Doctor's a Time Lord and gives the usual "peaceful to the point of indolence" speech (BRAVO WHITHOUSE), while the Doctor gives the usual "You steal mens' souls and make them your slaves! Mankind ill needs a savior such as you!" speech he gives the Cybermen. He then reveals that he's erased the words and changed history (he hasn't) which spooks the Fisher King into trying to make it back to his sleeping capsule before the flood hits him (he doesn't) while Whithouse pretends like this is even a tenth as good as Blink and Parting of the Ways (it isn't).

The Doctor pops out of the capsule because we totally didn't see that one coming and then tricks the ghosts back into the faraday cage, which UNIT will eventually come and collect them from to plug them into the laser confinement grid. Bennet tells Cass's interpreter to confess his love to her, which is actually a pretty cute moment. Unfortunately, it's the same episode where the sonic sunglasses are used to erase people's memories of seeing glyphs (and how to drink fluids). Oh, also, during the episode the idiots back at the base split up to look for Clara's cell phone but holy shit who gives a fuck, it had nothing to do with anything and went absolutely nowhere.


It's not very good at all. 7/10, too much water.


"The Minister of War". Ooooh, that sounds spooky. That's probably gonna be a storytelling device subcategory someday. Only question is if it's series 9 foreshadowing or Withouse Who foreshadowing...