Big Black Vocks? Big Black Vaginas.

BBV Productions (short for Ben & Jerry Videos, because Bill Baggs' nickname is Tom and his wife Helen's nickname is Jerry and they like ice cream) makes videos for people who have already watched all of Doctor Who and are so sad that they actually want more of this crap, but don't have enough imagination to handle books or earplays.

Most of the people involved in BBV had been doing the AudioVisuals audio tapes or other forms of fan fiction, but now that Doctor Who was off the air and there was no chance of anyone suing them, they suddenly decided they wanted to make something that was actually kind of legal. They also had a side thing called Audio Adventures in Time & Space (which was the subtitle of the later AV seasons), which made audio plays.

Their writers included Mark Gatiss, Robert Shearman, Nicholas Briggs, Lance Parkin, and Nigel Fairs, as well as Bill Baggs and a bunch of people who haven't heard of. Unfortunately, they used pseudonyms a lot, so it's not always easy to remember/figure out which one is Shearman's pseudonym and which one is Briggs's third pseudonym to decide which one you want to listen to.

Eventually, Big Finish happened, most of BBV went over there, and BBV/AAiT&S started dying, but they kept it alive for a while by switching to producing other people's stories. I think the first one was a Rani sequel that Pip & Jane Baker wanted to write, and there's also a Faction Paradox line.

BBV (in some kind of rough order)

  • The Stranger series: Colin Baker as The Pie Stranger and Nicola Bryant as Miss Brown fly around time and space in their timeship fighting monsters and aliens played by other Doctor Who cast members, until the end of the third episode, when Colin remembers that he was fired by Michael Grade and becomes a terrorist instead. Incredibly cheap-looking, even by wilderness-era semi-professional standards, but some of the stories are interesting.
  • The Airzone Solution: A near-future eco-conspiracy-thriller that would have nothing to do with Doctor Who if it weren't for the fact that every living Doctor except Tom (even the Briggs one) and a bunch of companions play all the parts. Not exactly bad, but not that exciting.
  • PROBE series: BBV had finally learned from Reeltime that you can license secondary characters and monsters without licensing Doctor Who itself. So they got Liz Shaw, and turned her into a very different character who never worked for UNIT or hung out with an alien before, even though she is still played by Caroline John. She works for PROBE, who investigate aliens and spoopy X-Files stuff. The bad guy is usually the most famous Doctor Who actor in the episode. Kind of pointless, but Peter Davison is good enough to make two of them worth watching. The last one (made in 2015, long after the original series and three years after Caroline John's death) recasts Liz, making it even more pointless.
  • Auton series: As it turns out, they could have gotten the rights to UNIT and the Brig for cheap, but they didn't realise that until they'd created PROBE. So now they did a whole spinoff series of UNIT vs. Autons without Liz. And, as it turned out, without the Brig, because Nicholas Courtney got sick, and without any other UNIT characters from TV either, because they didn't think they could afford both Richard Franklin and Nick Courtney. Actually not that bad, at least the first one, but it would have been a lot better with the Brig showing up to deal with Lockwood, or at least some Yates gay jokes.
  • Souls' Ark: No idea, don't know this one.
  • Cyberon series: They thought they had the rights to the Cybermen, but they were wrong, so they search-and-replaced the scripts and turned this from a spinoff into a do-not-steal expy. And it really doesn't make any difference. It's not like most Cybermen stories do anything with the Cybermen that couldn't be done with some other cybernetically-upgraded emotionless humanoids (as RTD went out of his way to prove). It's also not like most Cybermen stories are all that good, either, and this isn't any worse.
  • Do You Have a License to Save This Planet?: A one-shot parody of BBV where Sylvester McCoy plays the Chiropodist, fighting Autons, Sontarans, Cyberons, and BBC Worldwide Licensing. Cheesy af, but short and mostly entertaining anyway.
  • Zygon: When Being You Just Isn't Enough: Exactly what the world needed, Zygon porn.
  • Also some documentaries and stuff. One's about McCoy going to Canada to film the 1996 movie. Kind of boring. Kind of sad. So just like the 1996 movie.

Audio Adventures in Time & Space

In addition to more episodes of the Strange and Cyberon series, they also had some audio-only series:

  • The Time Travellers series: Sylvester McCoy as the Professor and Sophie Aldred as Ace but not that Ace, her real name is Alice, not Dorothy, in expy stories that are basically the fifth season of the AudioVisuals, except for the ones that are adaptations of earlier AVs. After the first season, BBC threatened to sue them, so they pulled a Stranger and made the characters and setup a bit different, but it never really develops its own interesting world the way the Stranger did. One of them is written by Shearmann and is easily as goat as what he wrote for Big Finish, and since the dude is smart he managed to write it without starring aldred or using mccoy's character name, ergo it's Canon of the highest order. Two others have a half-naked Sophie Aldred on the cover, so you can stare at that while listening.
  • The Wanderer series: This isn't the AVs recast with Doctor Who actors, this is the AVs recast with the same actors from the AVs. Nick Briggs stars as Fred, who's an expy of the Briggs Doctor. He fights Cyberons and stuff.
  • Adventures in a Pocket Universe series: John Leeson as legally-actual-K9 and Lalla Ward as legally-not-Romana-just-call-her-The-Mistress travel in Ecto-Space, not E-Space.
  • More licensed-monster spinoffs about Zygons, Krynoids, Sontarans, Rutans, Wirrn, the Rani, the I (yes, a spinoff from the EDA novels), and Guy de Carnac (a spinoff from the VNAs who's not even a monster, just a guy named Guy). Most of these "series" only had 1 episode. Distinguishable for their godawful and nightmarish album covers.
  • The Faction Paradox Protocols: Guess what this is about. Made well after Big Finish started making their own audios. Why they weren't produced there was because Larry got in a fight with Gary Russell.
  • Some standalone stories.

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