Arc of Infinity

Arc of Infinity
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Season: 20
Episode: 1
Vital statistics
Air date 3 - 12 January 1983
Written by Johnny Byrne
Directed by Ron Jones
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Time-Flight Snakedance
RIP Fivey, molested to death by a chicken.

Arc of Infinity is the embarrassing opener to an embarrassing season of an embarrassing TV show, starring Fivey and Nyvey. It saw the return of Omega, who looked absolutely fuck all like Omega, as well as a return to Gallowayfrey for the first time in the JNT era. Also Tegan's back one episode after she left, because why not. Also, BASED COLIN.

Shit that happens

A truer image has never been found.

Tegan waltzes back into the series after two years from her perspective but only three seconds from ours, because her cousin vanished in Amsterdam or some shit (probably picking up hoes; prostitution is legal there after all). Speaking of which, her cousin provides some of the worst acting this franchise has ever had, and that's saying a lot considering some of the wooden acting we've had before and since.

I have to go now, my planet needs me.

The Doctor gets contaminated by Omega or something which leads the Time Lords to the conclusion that they must destroy him in order to prevent Omega's return to our universe, only it doesn't work because of course it doesn't.

Omega suffers from becoming pure antimatter and thus needs the Doctor's bio-data in order to exist safely or some nonsense bullshit like that. He's also suffering from what is probably the most drastically different redesign a Doctor Who villain has ever had, and he also gets a henchman in the form of a giant evil chicken.

"Move aside Peter, it's my turn"

Colin Baker strides on set and OH MY GOD, HE SHOOTS THE DOCTOR! That was the biggest thing ever for some reason when it was announced that Colin was taking over the role; literally every press release that covered his casting included a mention about how he had shot the previous Doctor in this story. But I digress, Colin is magnificent as ever. He honestly helps rise this story above awful. Also the Time Lord's neck-hat-things actually look pretty good in this one.

Nyssa pretty much does nothing during this story.

A 20 decade-long Benny Hill chase through Amsterdam ensures, during which I completely sympathise with Sarah Sutton and Janet Fielding due to their roles requiring them to wear 6-inch heels. Anyways, Omega turns into Peter Davison, before turning into a green Peter Davison, before turning into a green not-Peter Davison, before imploding into nonexistence.

Tegan decides to rejoin the Doctor at the end because she lost her job. So all that bullshit whining throughout Season 19 about how she was gonna miss her flight was all for nothing in the end. *Sigh* alright.


This was the last Peter Davison story to get a page on this wiki, and it's not hard to see why. Worthless.