Andrew Cartmel

Rassilon and Omega form a symbiont circle. What happens to one of them will affect The Other. You must understand this.
— Obi-Wan Cartmel
Andrew Cartmel
... Is that an ewok?
... Is that an ewok?
Personal info
Born 1958
Spouse Cat
Offspring The Other
As Showruiner
Era 1987 - 89
Style Alan Moore
Worst Decision Time and the Rani
Andrew and his wife.

Andrew Cat-mel was the script editor of Doctor Who from 1987 - 89 and lead singer of the The Cartmel Masterplan.

His first story was Time and the Rani, his last was Survival. Also wrote a bunch of DW books and comics. His stated goal for Doctor Who was to destroy the British government. This goal was a resounding success.


Caramel wanted to cut out the pantomime elements of the Sixth Doctor era and make the Doctor the focus of the story again. He believed that during Colin Baker's run the Doctor had become "a chump - a victim of what was happening in the story rather than the cause of what was happening." There was also an attempt to restore the mystery of the early Doctors before the audience knew so much about the Doctor's background.

The Cartmel Masterplan

Jesus Christ how horrifying!

A fan-coined term for the change in direction starting with the Seventh Doctor's era. Shit got darker as the stories began suggesting the Doctor was an incarnation of the Other, a mysterious figure from Gallifrey's past who helped form Time Lord society.

The plan sets up a holy trinity of Rassilon, Omega and the Doctor as having created the Time Lords, time travel, TARDISes, all that shit. They're Time Lord Gods.

Razzers and Omegz had already been omnipotently powerful in previous stories - this hinted the Doctor was up on that godlike-level too. The plan was largely unclear and unfinished, but it caught fire with the books and comics in the 90's and persists to this day (The Lonely God, The Oncoming Storm, Time Lord Victorious, The Beast, An Idiot etc.)

Oh /who/, I am far more than just another Showrunner...

Andrew Cartmel's political beliefs in a nutshell.

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