40th Anniversary

Y'know how the 50th Anniversary of Donna Loo was a grand worldwide event where everyone was celebrating with conventions and documentaries galore? Ah, my oh my how times changed in 10 years...

The 40th Anniversary was a much smaller, quieter affair where barely anything happened and barely anyone outside of the Hardcore fanbase cared.

Official and most notable 40th Anniversary Audio and Visual Content:

Episode Title Description
Scream of the Shalka That fabulous flash animated story starring The Great Intelligence and Liz 10 that was decanonised midway through production. Oh, and the Doctor fucks Derek Jacobi.
Doctor Who @ 40 UKGold A series of short documentary things about the history of the show, going through each Doctor's era before rebroadcasting what viewers voted as their best story.
Living Legend A free promotional ear story.
Zagreus The infamous 4 hour long ear story released by Briggs Finish where Charley is essentially in Alice in Wonderland while the Doctor is fighting his inner demons or something.
Shada The ear retelling of the beloved lost Douglas Adams classic, starring Polau McGann.
Scherzo Follows up on the events of Zagayus and takes us into the next era of ear stories.
This was the best we got.


It was during this time that it was announced the show would be revived by Russell the Jimmies, starring Heckle the Eccle and Bile Pipe.

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