2018 cancellation

This literally cannot get worse than with Moffat.
— Famous last words

After Moff's successful bow out with Capaldino in 2017, It was a moment of peace and optimism. Fans were pretty happy with how GOAT Series 10 was. /who/ is happy and is nothing but a simple friendly discussion forum since The Moff literally left no space for jokes or memes to spawn. It was truly the GOLDEN AGE.

The Fuck Up

Fast forward to 2018, nobody wants to watch Chibnall's Series 11™ and the new Meme Doctor because there's literally no reason to watch anymore since Series 10 was perfect, but since we love to hate this stupid show we decide to give Chibbies a chance. Then, an official press release reveals that he will be co-writing every episode with Gatiss. Fans are displeased and /who/ is in the middle of a autism typhoon. Chibs panics and as a last resort he seeks the help of fellow showruiner, Rusty to write the series finale in which he brings back the slitheen & the abzorbaloff, effectively running the show into the ground, causing even the tumblrinas & redditors to back out. The keys get handed to Big Finish who later proceed to become billionaires for years to come.

The Consequences

As a result of the fuck up, /who/ experienced a 2018 cancellation in real life.