1989 cancellation

It was terrible. Doctor Who was a long way down the list of priorities, frankly… it was an embarrassment. It had become a laughing stock. Nobody wanted it to succeed - we wanted it to die.
— Jonathan Powell, Head of BBC Series and Serials.

RIP Classic Who.
Eighth Doctor Michael Jackson never got his chance.
Just when it was getting good again.

The 1989 cancellation finally killed Doctor Who after an unbroken 26-year onscreen run.

It was basically the BBC, Michael Grade and some other cunts finishing off what the 1985 hiatus started. This resulted in The Lost Season 2.


During the McCoy era promotions for Doctor Who dropped to virtually nothing, the show was scheduled opposite Coronation Street (a monstrously popular soap opera at the time) and its fate was sealed when the first episode of Season 26 scored the lowest ratings in the show's history. Doctor Who was subsequently SHUT DOWN like Mel Gibson's career.

The End

Classic Who ended with Survival in December 1989, giving birth to The Wilderness Years and an era of VNA level darkness. It was saved ruined continued by NuWho.