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All praise Lord Chinball
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Who knew the wiki would outlast /who/?

/WHO/ the THIRD: We are currently over HERE!

Doctor Who General - /who/

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Current part of the show that we are complaining about and being autistic in relation to:

Series Dozen

The motto: Doctor Who is dead.

Ruth is truth.

Every other Doctor is officially non-canon.

This wiki will not bend!

News and events

How to Use This Wiki

/who/sers: You read it, silly! This is the official compendium of opinions, shitposts, lore, obscurities, and humorous writing from the Doctor Who General community. It is your sacred duty to help add to the vast sum of shared ancestral knowledge that lies within its pages, keeping in mind that most of it has no relationship to fact. You may find some opinions here that are wrong. Don't hesitate to replace them with your own, correct, opinions. Remember, though: nobody cares about e-celebs.

Non-/who/sers(if you have to ask, you're in this category): Tread swiftly on, and darken not our hallowed halls again.


/who/ Wiki's canon policy

Doctor Who is a terrible show that nobody watches full of fake science and fake history, so if it's good, real, or people watch it on television, it's Non-Canon. If it's fake, bad, and not watched on television, then it must be Canon.


These contemptible souls do it for free.

Nu-/who/ admins

  • The Saviour - the man who un-deleted the wiki. Identity withheld for his own protection.
  • NeoCLSTR - Brave volunteer
  • Catharticspurious - Technically also a former admin
  • Broken Mirrors (Maintenance man of the universe)

Pre-reboot admins

Ultra-canon admins


Funny how in retrospect the good times seem so short. You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone.

The articles found on this wiki are parody. This is not a serious Doctor Who wiki. Nothing on here should be taken seriously, or taken as fact.

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