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|''[[Victory of the Daleks]]''
|''[[Victory of the Daleks]]''
|A portal in a Scandinavian forest is leading to a cavernous pocket universe with its own people and laws of physics.
|''[[It Takes You Away]]''

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"BOOKS! People never really stop plagiarizing books!"

Both Rusty and Moffuck insist that they've never read the books. See also: Lawrence Miles


Idea Plagiarised Book NuWho Episode
An enemy of the Doctor has seemingly engineered him a "perfect companion." Alien Bodies Hell Bent
"A Time Lord's body is a miracle. Even a dead one. There are whole empires out there who'd rip this world apart for just one cell." Alien Bodies The Impossible Astronaut
The Doctor transforms himself into a human known as John Smith, teaches at a school, and falls in love with a random woman. (Shut up, this one counts.) Human Nature (novel) Human Nature
Big red double-decker bus in the desert. The Scarlet Empress Planet of the Dead
Someone carves words into a rock-face so that someone else, far in the future, can receive a vital message. Genocide (novel) The Pandorica Opens
A companion gets sucked through a crack in the fabric of reality and is erased from time. Unnatural History Cold Blood
A companion jumps directly into the Doctor's time-stream to save his life. Unnatural History The Name of the Doctor
A humanoid TARDIS. Alien Bodies The Doctor's Wife
In order to survive the Time War, a group of Time Lords decide to shed their corporeal bodies and exist only as conceptual entities. Alien Bodies The End of Time
A sassy, middle-aged archaeologist who becomes a companion with the special privilege of fucking the Doctor. Love and War, The Dying Days Silence in the Library, Day of the Moon
"Why aren't there any ducks?" The Fall of Yquatine The Eleventh Hour
Artificial humans are created en masse in tanks. Interference The Rebel Flesh, The Almost People
A companion waits 2,000 years to be reunited with the one they love. The Ancestor Cell The Big Bang
The TARDIS explodes. The Shadows of Avalon The Pandorica Opens
The TARDIS turns into a small cube and requires a significant source of energy to return it to its original form. The Burning Flatline
The matrix of the Doctor's TARDIS is deposited into a human body. The Banquo Legacy The Doctor's Wife
The Doctor destroys Gallifrey to end a Time War. The Ancestor Cell Dalek
"Enchanted glass people." The Blue Angel Twice Upon A Time
The Doctor loses all memory of a companion. The Burning Hell Bent
A dangerous book(s) is stolen/leaked from a secret library in the Vatican. All-Consuming Fire Extremis
A victorian spaceship lands on a solar system planet to expand the Empire but get in troubles with aliens Imperial Moon The Empress of Mars
An archeological expedition encounters an ancient flesh-eating entity that lives in the dark. Fear of the Dark Silence in the Library/Forest of the Dead
The Doctor becomes a competitor in a deadly futuristic TV show. Time of Your Life Bad Wolf
A mysterious alien artefact crashes in London during the Blitz and starts to convert people. Illegal Alien The Empty Child/The Doctor Dances
The Doctor encounters an android that believes itself to be a human scientist. Anachrophobia Victory of the Daleks
A portal in a Scandinavian forest is leading to a cavernous pocket universe with its own people and laws of physics. Dominion It Takes You Away