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* 11/15/2018 - The BBC breaks the tradition of having Christmas specials, and instead push it one week later for muh religion. ''Doctor Who'' dies.  
* 11/15/2018 - The BBC breaks the tradition of having Christmas specials, and instead push it one week later for muh religion. ''Doctor Who'' dies.  
* 12/9/2018 - Chibnall deletes Series 12. ''Doctor Who dies.''
* 12/9/2018 - Chibnall deletes Series 12. ''Doctor Who dies.''
* 01/03/2020 - Shit hits the fan.
...and I say that as a fan!
...and I say that as a fan!

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The following helpful list contains many of the times in the past when Doctor Who was completely ruined forever. The list was first compiled by some Myspace guy (remember Myspace? Ha ha! It's funny because it's not popular anymore!), then updated and reposted on BleedingCool.com in about mid-2013.

This is sure to prove an incomplete list; no doubt the programme has been completely ruined forever many times since that date, and will face complete ruination forever in the future as well.

  • 23/11/1963 – Doctor Who begins. Doctor Who dies.
  • 30/11/1963 – The Doctor smokes a pipe. Doctor Who dies.
  • 21/12/1963 – Silly robot monsters introduced into informative historical series. Doctor Who dies.
  • 26/12/1964 – Susan, the very person who introduced us to the Doctor, leaves. Doctor Who dies.
  • 22/05/1965 – The terrifying Daleks are depicted as bumbling idiots. Doctor Who dies.
  • 26/06/1965 – Ian and Barbara, the very people who introduced us to the Doctor, leave. Doctor Who dies.
  • 09/10/1965 – The fans are insulted by an episode without the Doctor. Doctor Who dies.
  • 09/04/1966 - "Eenie meenie minie moe, catch a nigger by the toe." Doctor Who dies.
  • 25/06/1966 – A villain refers to the Doctor as Doctor Who. Doctor Who dies.
  • 22/10/1966 – William Hartnell leaves. Doctor Who dies.
  • 01/07/1967 – The final destruction of the Daleks. Doctor Who dies.
  • 24/04/1968 – The series runs out of ideas and uses two monsters twice in the same series. Doctor Who dies.
  • 21/06/1969 – The mystery of the Doctor’s people is ruined. Doctor Who dies.
  • 21/06/1969 – Jamie and Zoe leave, breaking the irreplaceable magic between companions and Doctor. Doctor Who dies.
  • 03/01/1970 – The whole point of the show is jettisoned as the Doctor begins his exile on Earth. Doctor Who dies.
  • 03/01/1970 – Doctor Who is now in colour and not in creepy black and white. Doctor Who dies.
  • 20/06/1970 – Doctor Who has become James Bond VS The aliens. Doctor Who dies.
  • 02/01/1971 – GOAT companion Liz Shaw disappears without a goodbye, and is replaced by a ham-fisted bun vendor. Doctor Who dies.
  • 24/06/1972 – The first major retcon is made, as the fate of Atlantis changes just one year after it was established. Doctor Who dies.
  • 30/12/1972 – The first two Doctors are sent to help out their third self in a crisis which threatens Gallifrey itself. While it's nice to see them again, it tears open the massive plothole of why the Time Lords didn't abduct and sentence the Doctor to exile far sooner than they did if they knew where he was as early as his first incarnation. Doctor Who dies.
  • 23/06/1973 – Jo leaves, breaking the irreplaceable magic between companion and Doctor. Doctor Who dies.
  • 28/12/1974 – The new Doctor is a goggle-eyed nutjob. Doctor Who dies.
  • 12/04/1975 – Dalek history is retconned for the first time. Unfortunately it won't be the last. Doctor Who dies.
  • 19/04/1975 – The Cybermen go all rubbish. Doctor Who dies.
  • 23/04/1975 – Billy Hartnell, the first actor to play the Doctor, dies. Doctor Who dies.
  • 23/10/1976 – Sarah-Jane leaves, breaking the irreplaceable magic between companion and Doctor. Doctor Who dies.
  • 30/10/1976 – The Time Lords are depicted as doddery old men. Doctor Who dies.
  • 03/09/1977 – The best producer ever is replaced by some other prick. Doctor Who dies.
  • 22/10/1977 – A gimmicky robot dog joins the TARDIS crew. Doctor Who dies.
  • 11/03/1978 – Leela leaves, breaking the irreplaceable magic between companion and Doctor. Doctor Who dies.
  • 25/11/1978 – The Doctor, an advocate for peace who staunchly opposes suffering, goes fishing. Doctor Who dies.
  • 30/11/1979 - The grand finale of Season 17 is cancelled due to strike action. Doctor Who dies.
  • 15/11/1980 – A whiny boy joins the TARDIS crew. Doctor Who dies.
  • 24/01/1981 – Romana and K-9 leave, breaking the irreplaceable magic between companions and Doctor. Doctor Who dies.
  • 21/03/1981 – The best Doctor ever is replaced by a vet. Doctor Who dies.
  • 04/01/1982 – The Saturday tea-time slot is abandoned. Doctor Who dies.
  • 02/03/1982 – The producers forget to put aliens in a story. Doctor Who dies.
  • 16/03/1982 – The Doctor fails to save a much-loved companion. Doctor Who dies.
  • 01/02/1983 – UNIT continuity gets fucked. Doctor Who dies.
  • 22/02/1983 – The creation of the universe is revealed to have occurred from a spaceship discharging its fuel. Doctor Who dies.
  • 25/11/1983 – The First Doctor is re-cast and Tom Baker doesn’t turn up. Oh, and the Second Doctor's timeline gets even more fucked up as he refers to Jamie and Zoe's mindwipe despite having supposedly being killed almost immediately after this occurred. Doctor Who dies.
  • 12/01/1984 – Episode 3 of the universally panned Warriors of the Deep airs, depicting scenes of someone attempting to kung fu fight a laughable-looking monster costume, which was hurriedly glued together because Margaret Thatcher had called a general election and cost the production team a lot of valuable time and resources. Peter Davison and Janet Fielding announce that they are leaving during filming of this serial. Doctor Who dies.
  • 23/02/1984 – A new companion is brought in just to fill a bikini. Doctor Who dies.
  • 22/03/1984 – The new Doctor is a psychopath in a clown outfit. Doctor Who dies.
  • 05/01/1985 – The classic twenty-five minute format is abandoned. Doctor Who dies.
  • 16/02/1985 – The show digs itself even deeper into the plot hole regarding the timing of the Doctor's exile, by showing the Second Doctor and Jamie on a mission FROM the Time Lords. This leads to hardcore fans having to formulate made up fan theories to explain this plot hole away. Doctor Who dies.
  • 30/03/1985 – Season 22 ends, and Who begins an 18 month hiatus. Doctor Who dies.
  • 01/11/1986 – Bonnie. Langford. Doctor Who dies.
  • 28/03/1987 – Pat Troughton, the second actor to play the Doctor, dies. Doctor Who dies.
  • 07/09/1987 – The new Doctor is a buffoon in an ugly pullover. Doctor Who dies.
  • 05/10/1988 – We get to see Totter's Yard again, except the inbreds spell "I.M. FOREMAN" incorrectly. Doctor Who dies.
  • 02/11/1988 – The Doctor fights Bertie Bassett. Doctor Who dies.
  • 06/09/1989 – Knights from the legend of King Arthur? Doctor Who dies.
  • 06/12/1989 – The show ends its twenty-six year run. Doctor Who dies.
  • 20/06/1991 – The VNAs begin, and they're VNA level dark. Doctor Who dies.
  • 26/11/1993 – Doctor Who's rotting carcass is briefly revived, plugged into the life-support machine known as EastEnders. Doctor Who dies.
  • 11/08/1994 - Peter Cushing passes away. Dr. Who dies.
  • 20/05/1996 – SPLINK overlord Jon Pertwee, the third actor to play the Doctor, dies. Doctor Who dies.
  • 27/05/1996 – The Doctor kisses his companion. Americans are involved. Doctor Who dies.
  • 30/10/1997 – Who's creator Sydney Newman dies, therefore taking Doctor Who with him (it dies).
  • 23/11/2003 – Doctor Who's 40th Anniversary is a colossal disappointment, with the only noteworthy celebratory productions being a below average animation that was de-canonized midway through production, and an overly pretentious 4 hour long audio drama that almost destroyed the credibility of the company which made it. Doctor Who dies.
  • 2004 - "Doctor Who" is coming back to television. Doctor Who dies.
  • 25/05/2004 – A former teen singer is revealed as the companion. Doctor Who dies.
  • 26/03/2005 – The best Doctor is replaced by the other best Doctor, who goes on to shag a chav and battle a plastic black guy who lives in a dust bin. Doctor Who dies.
  • 31/03/2005 – The Doctor quits after one episode has been broadcast. Doctor Who dies.
  • 16/04/2005 – Fart humour. Doctor Who dies.
  • 18/06/2005 – The best Doctor regenerates because MUH ROES. Doctor Who dies.
  • 25/12/2005 – The new Doctor spends all his time in bed. Doctor Who dies.
  • 17/06/2006 – A Doctor-lite episode is an exploration of the notions of fandom and the human experience. Doctor Who dies.
  • 08/07/2006 – MUH ROES: the episode airs and becomes the most iconic Who moment ever. Doctor Who dies.
  • 08/07/2006 – An actress with her own sketch show is revealed as the companion for the Christmas special. Doctor Who dies.
  • 16/06/2007 – The Master is turned into a raving loony. Doctor Who dies.
  • 02/07/2007 – A former teen singer is revealed as the companion for the Christmas special. Doctor Who dies.
  • 03/07/2007 – The actress with her own sketch show is revealed as the companion for Series Four. Doctor Who dies.
  • 03/09/2007 – A Christmas special, four specials for 2009 and a whole series for 2010 are confirmed. Doctor Who dies.
  • 22/11/2007 – The original producer of the program, Verity Lambert, dies. Doctor Who dies.
  • 25/12/2007 – For the first time ever, the show is the most watched of the week. It is also the second-highest rated program of the year and the Audience Appreciation index is 86. Doctor Who dies.
  • 28/06/2008 – Davros returns to the TV show and is completely wasted. Doctor Who dies.
  • 29/10/2008 – The best Doctor ever announces he is leaving. Doctor Who dies.
  • 04/01/2009 – The new Doctor is revealed to be a young male actor. Doctor Who dies.
  • 29/05/2009 – The new companion is revealed to be a young female actor. Doctor Who dies.
  • 06/10/2009 – The logo people originally criticized for having too much lens flare is replaced by one that people criticize for having too much lens flare. Doctor Who dies.
  • 01/01/2010 – The Doctor doesn't want tuggo. Doctor Who dies.
  • 17/04/2010 – The Daleks change colour and become a bit bigger. Doctor Who dies.
  • 01/05/2010 – The Weeping Angels move onscreen, triggering fans. Doctor Who dies.
  • 22/02/2011 – Nicholas Courtney, who played beloved character the Brig, dies. Doctor Who dies.
  • 19/04/2011 - Elisabeth Sladen, who played beloved character Sarah Jane, dies. Doctor Who dies.
  • 23/04/2011 – The Doctor dies. Fuck, you thought 2016 was bad? Doctor Who dies.
  • 04/06/2011 – The season is split so that the latter half is shown in the Autumn, just like the fans had always demanded. Doctor Who dies.
  • 21/03/2012 – The new companion is revealed to be a young female actor who has been in a soap opera. Doctor Who dies.
  • 01/09/2012 – The worst Dalek episode ever airs. Doctor Who dies.
  • 18/05/2013 – The order of incarnations is changed forever with the introduction of the disgustingly non-canon War Doctor, triggering fans everywhere. Doctor Who dies.
  • 01/06/2013 – The best Doctor ever announces he is leaving. Doctor Who dies.
  • 04/08/2013 – The new Doctor is announced in a live show in primetime in the UK, simultaneously broadcast in America, Canada and Australia. He is younger than William Hartnell. Doctor Who dies.
  • 23/11/2013 – Christopher Eccleston doesn't turn up and his era becomes victim of the eraser via a shitty cop out retcon of the Time War. Doctor Who dies.
  • 25/12/2013 – Matt Smith is naked and Capaldiddle doesn't know how to fly the TARDIS, triggering NuWho scrubs everywhere. Also Handles, the greatest companion of all time dies. Doctor Who dies.
  • 23/08/2014 – Doctor Who has become Clara show. Doctor Who dies.
  • 04/10/2014 – The Moon is an egg. Doctor Who dies.
  • 25/10/2014 – The show has the perfect opportunity to do a Krynoid story but doesn't. Doctor Who dies.
  • 01/11/2014 – The Master's cock collapses in on itself. Doctor Who dies.
  • 08/11/2014 – The Brig is resurrected as a Cyberman. Doctor Who dies.
  • 09/26/2015 – Skaro is destroyed by undying mutant sludge healed with regeneration energy, also the Sonic Screwdriver is made absent once again (this being the first time in NuWho) and is replaced by terrible meme pandering Sonic Sunglasses. Doctor Who dies.
  • 10/03/2015 – Fucking ghosts? Doctor Who dies.
  • 10/08/2015 – The Doctor Who General Wiki begins recording dates on this page in MM/DD/YYYY format. Doctor Who dies.
  • 14/11/2015 – A deeply unpopular Who writer's "found footage" episode is complete shit. Doctor Who dies.
  • 05/12/2015 – A companion is saved from dying, becomes functionally immortal, and gets her own TARDIS with which she has lesbian adventures with someone from Game of Thrones (not you). Doctor Who dies.
  • 22/01/2016 – An official statement from the BBC reveals that the current disliked showruiner is quitting to be replaced by a man that wrote a script about Oods and loos in 2018 whilst confirming no new series will air for 2016. Doctor Who dies.
  • 23/04/2016 – None of /who/'s preferred predictions are cast as the new companion, instead, a black lady that's not Martha is cast as "Bill". Doctor Who dies.
  • 25/12/2016 – A goddamn superhero? Doctor Who dies.
  • 25/12/2016 – The Series 10 coming soon trailer is aired and reveals Bill is working in catering, contributing to obesity crisis ravaging United Kingdom. And emoji robots are real. Doctor Who dies again.
  • 27/01/2017 – Beloved War Doctor actor John Hurt dies, putting all War Doctor audios on hold forever. Doctor Who dies.
  • 30/01/2017 – The best Doctor ever announces he is leaving. Doctor Who dies.
  • 06/03/2017 – A picture is revealed on the show's social media depicting shit(tier) versions of the Cybermen from The Tenth Planet surrounding Capaldi on the set of the Series 10 finale, with the image caption referring to them as "Mondasian Cybermen". Doctor Who dies.
  • 17/03/2017 – Series 10 is announced to feature a three-parter, which is one-parter longer than normal two-parter, breaking a perfectly good formula. Doctor Who dies.
  • 03/04/2017 – The new Series 10 trailer reveals Missy dabbing. Doctor Who dies.
  • 15/04/2017 – The Doctor and the new homosexual companion spend the whole episode running away from water. Doctor Who dies.
  • 22/04/2017 – Sentient emoji robots become a canon life form in the universe. Doctor Who dies.
  • 06/05/2017 – The Doctor is revealed to be a fan of literal who normie music. Doctor Who dies.
  • 13/05/2017 – They fuckin' blinded The Doctor. Doctor Who dies.
  • 20/05/2017 – The vault reveal is predictable as fuck. Doctor Who dies.
  • 17/06/2017 – The next time trailer for World Enough and Time confirms that the Tenth Planet Cyber variants are referred to as "Mondasian Cybermen" in-universe. Doctor Who dies.
  • 24/06/2017 - The Master reveal in World Enough and Time is ruined due to him being teased in the trailer before and it being announced before the Series 10 premiere. Doctor Who dies.
  • 01/07/2017 - A puddle breaks into the TARDIS. Doctor Who dies.
  • 16/07/2017 - The new Doctor is revealed to be played by a woman. Said woman is also a human, further perpetuating the racism of only letting humans plays the doctor. Doctor Who dies.
  • 17/07/2017 - This list gets posted on Facebook and the page, and by extension the wiki, gains an influx of newfags. Doctor Who dies.
  • 23/07/2017 - A new trailer for the 2017 Christmas Special comes out. It's given a crappy name, Bill is back, and Polly's shirt is the wrong colour. Doctor Who dies.
  • 23/10/2017 - The new TARDIS crew is revealed to have three companions, breaking a perfectly good formula. Doctor Who dies.
  • 09/11/2017 - The new Doctor's costume isn't the same as the previous Doctor's costume. Doctor Who dies"
  • 25/12/2017 - The madman actually had the audacity to regenerate into a woman. Doctor Who dies.
  • 02/01/2018 - The new 80’s evocative Doctor Who logo is 'leaked', only for it to turn out to be a fake. Doctor Who dies.
  • 07/02/2018 - The Tumblr crowd and cancerous nuwho fans announce the return of Rose because Billie Piper used a rose emoji in a Twitter post once. Doctor Who dies.
  • 20/02/2018 - The new logo is shit. ĐOCTOR W卄ϴ dies.
  • 10/03/2018 - BBC Worldwide decides that ClassicWho needs to be released on Blu-Ray, so it releases a box set completely unlike the previous classic DVD or Blu-Ray releases. What's more, in the US it’s called 'Tom Baker - The First Season' instead of 'Series 12'. Doctor Who dies.
  • 10/07/2018 - The first episode of series dubs airs. ĐOCTOR W卄ϴ dies.
  • 30/02/2099 5/07/18 - The rotting corpse of Tony Garner, being kept alive by cybernetic implants, spills coffee on his computer and accidentally releases Devious. Doctor Who dies.
  • 11/15/2018 - The BBC breaks the tradition of having Christmas specials, and instead push it one week later for muh religion. Doctor Who dies.
  • 12/9/2018 - Chibnall deletes Series 12. Doctor Who dies.
  • 01/03/2020 - Shit hits the fan.

...and I say that as a fan!